How to Deal With Negative Coworkers Using These Resources

August 29, 2019 827 views

A Collection of Pages About Dealing with Negative CoWorkers

This post is a collection of handpicked resources to help you effectively deal with those negative co-workers, but first, a couple of brief points I’d like to share with you.

Negative co-workers can really suck the life out of your day. The negativity needs to be dealt with for your sake. If you work a few months with a negative co-worker without doing something about it, the negativity will start to rub off on you and soon you become the negative co-worker.

You can work towards changing your co-worker or take the easier way and work on yourself to deal with the situation. You can play mind games to get through the day.

For example, for every negative thing, your co-worker says, think something positive for that situation. For every negative behavior, think of the positive behavior that could have been taken. This game keeps you focused on positive thoughts and behaviors.

Have a look at the resources I have selected for this post that help you deal with negative co-workers.


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Books offer structure and cover a lot of information related to the topic they cover. By looking through the table of contents you can gain a lot of insight as to the areas you’ll want to pay attention to.

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