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Salary Negotiations

If you’re like me asking for a raise or negotiating a salary doesn’t come easy. Yes, I’m embarrassed to ask for more money. I feel that my efforts and hard work should prove I’m worth more than what I’m being paid.

Unfortunately, this mentality will get you nowhere. Your employer may notice your hard work and dedication but they rarely say good job thanks for all you do here’s a raise. The best-case scenario is you will get the standard pay increase once a year. 2% equals a couple more bucks per week on your paycheck and it won’t help much.

To get a decent raise, you must do some groundwork.

The following articles I have chosen for this post provide expert information for getting a salary increase. Even though they are all similar, have a look at each because each provides its own perspective.

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Salary Negotiation Tips

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Salary Negotiation Tips

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