Don’t Do This at Work if You Want to Keep Your Job

May 11, 2018 470 views

What You Shouldn’t Do At Work

There are a lot of things we do at work you probably shouldn’t. A few that come to mind include:

  • Excessive talking.
  • Gossiping about other coworkers, your boss, company policies you disagree with, etc.
  • Napping at your desk.
  • Texting on your phone.
  • Playing games on your phone.
  • Checking Twitter.
  • Checking Facebook.
  • Watch Videos on YouTube.
  • Watching Netflix.
  • Arriving late to work.
  • Taking extra long breaks.
  • More in the resources below.

You’re getting paid to do your job. If all you’re doing is wasting time on issues such as those mentioned above the company loses a lot of time, money, and productivity.

If all employees in the company did all the above issues on a daily basis, the company would go bankrupt.


Included in this post you’ll find articles and tips that will keep you out of trouble regarding the issues you shouldn’t be doing at work

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