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A Collection of Resources To Tell The Story of IBM

Big Blue (IBM) employs over 350,000 People, known as “IBMers”  worldwide. It brought us what many consider the first smartphone, “Simon Brick Phone,” before apple dominated the industry. IBMs technology and computers helped the USA put the first man on the moon. Also, an interesting fact is that five IBM employees won the Nobel Peace Prize.

More Facts:

  • In 1896 Big Blue was founded in New York City by Charles Ranlett Flint under the name of ‘Tabulating Machine Company.’
  • In 1911 it was incorporated under the name of ‘Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company.’ It wasn’t until 1924 when it finial became IBM “International Business Machines.” Beating the name “International Business and Pleasure Machines.”
  • Under the leadership of Thomas Watson, he led the company into the leading American manufacturer of punch-card tabulating systems for governments and businesses.
  • In 1933 IBM entered into the field of electric typewriters by purchasing, Electromatic Typewriters, Inc.
  • It was in 1952 under the leadership of Watson’s son, Thomas Watson, Jr. when a push for office calculating machines. By 1960 it was producing 70 percent of the world’s computers.
  • IBM became the first company in US history in 2008 to have over 4,000 patents acquired in a calendar year.

Some of IBM Inventions Include:

  • The ATM – Automated Teller Machine
  • DRAM – Dynamic Random Access Memory
  • Electronic Keypunch
  • The floppy disk
  • The Hard Disk Drive
  • SABRE Airline Reservation System – Semi-Automated Business Research Environment
  • Scanning Tunneling Microscope
  • UPC – Universal Product Code
  • Watson Artificial Intelligence
  • Magnetic Stripe Technology
  • More in the resources to follow

IBM is currently working on a system called IBM Q System One, which is a Quantum computer. This type of computing allows the solution to problems that regular computers would not be able to solve or take years to solve.

IMB has contributed so much to today’s world and will continue to do so. Have a look at the abundance of resources in this post to get the complete story of this tech giant

Section of This Post Include:

  • The History of IBM
  • IBM Founders
  • IBM Executives
  • The IBM Mission Statement
  • IBM Ownership And Investors
  • Facts About IBM
  • IBM Reports And Financial Statements
  • Business Strategies Used By IBM
  • Revenue Strategies
  • The Main Competitors of IBM
  • Target Market & Marketing Strategies
  • Products & Services Offered By IBM
  • IBM Employee Relations
  • IBM Company Culture
  • The Reputation of IBM
  • IBM Company Complaints
  • IBM Failures
  • Inside The Success of IBM
  • IBM Articles And Stories of Interest
  • Books Related to IBM
  • The Latest About IBM
  • Tweets Related To IBM
  • Videos Related To IBM

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