McDonald’s Company Profile – These Resources Tell All

November 13, 2019 676 views

A Collection of Resources To Tell The Story of McDonald’s

This post contains an abundant amount of hand-picked resources to give you the complete story of McDonald’s but first a brief introduction.


Who hasn’t been to a McDonald’s in North America? I have heard of a few but they are very rare. This is one company that when you think of the USA, McDonald’s may come to mind, just like apple pie.

From a one location food stand to a multi-billion-dollar industry, Richard and Maurice McDonald couldn’t have imagined how big their idea would grow, and how it would affect the whole world!

There are many stories within the evolution of this company.

How the McDonald brothers started with a small idea that turned into Today’s fast food industry.

How a salesman saw the potential and took the business from a small San Bernardino operation to a nationwide, first-class operation.

How a vice president of finances transformed the thinking of Ray Kroc from running a franchise to owning real estate.

How a Clown named Ronald became one of the most famous clowns in America!

From a 15 cent hamburger in the late ’40s to a revenue of over 21 billion in 2019, this company has come a long way! Whether it was Richard and Maurice McDonald or Ray Kroc they both had a passion for business and the quality of food being served. The fries had to be cooked at the right temperature, there had to be a certain amount of ketchup on a burger, the pickles were counted, etc.

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