McDonald’s Company Profile – These Resources Tell All

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A Collection of Resources To Tell The Story of McDonald’s

This post contains an abundant amount of hand-picked resources to give you the complete story of McDonald’s but first a brief introduction.


McDonald’s, who hasn’t been to one in North America? I have heard of a few but they are very rare. This is one company that when you think of the USA, McDonald’s my come to mind, just Like apple pie.

From a one location food stand to a multi-billion-dollar industry, Richard and Maurice McDonald couldn’t have imagined how big their idea would grow, and how it would affect the whole world!

There are many stories within the evolution of this company.

How the McDonald brothers started with a small idea that turned into Today’s fast food industry.

How a salesman saw the potential and took the business from a small San Bernardino operation to a nationwide, first-class operation.

How a vice president of finances transformed the thinking of Ray Kroc from running a franchise to owning real estate.

How a Clown named Ronald became one of the most famous clowns in America!

From the 15 cent Hamburger to a net income of over 5.9 billion in 2018, this company has come a long way!  Whether it was Richard and Maurice McDonald or Ray Krock they both had a passion for business and the quality of food being served. The Fires had to be cooked at the right temperature, there had to be a certain amount of ketchup on a burger, the pickles were counted, etc. Pride went into making the food.

There are many lessons to be learned from the growth of this company whether you’re in business or just interested in its history you’ll find it all in the resources to follow and for the complete story of America’s Fast Food success story.

Section In this Post Include:

      • The History of McDonald’s
      • McDonald’s Founders
      • McDonald’s Executives
      • The McDonald’s Mission Statement
      • McDonald’s Divisions And Subsidiaries
      • McDonald’s Ownership And Investors
      • Facts About McDonald’s
      • McDonald’s Reports And Financial Statements
      • Business Strategies Used By McDonald’s
      • Revenue Strategies
      • The Main Competitors of McDonald’s
      • Target Market & Marketing Strategies
      • Products & Services Offered By McDonald’s
      • McDonald’s Employee Relations
      • McDonald’s Company Culture
      • The Reputation of McDonald’s
      • McDonald’s Company Complaints
      • McDonald’s Failures
      • Inside The Success of McDonald’s
      • Books Related to McDonald’s
      • The Latest About McDonald’s
      • Tweets Related To McDonald’s
      • Videos Related To McDonald’s

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The History of McDonald’s

A company’s history offers valuable lessons and it’s interesting to find out about a company’s original operations, how it has changed, and the challenges during the startup phase.

Have a look at the selection below to understand more about the history of McDonald’s.

The Story of How McDonald’s First Got Its Start | History | Smithsonian

History of McDonald’s Fast Food and Restaurants

McDonald’s | History & Facts | Britannica.com

History | McDonald’s

McDonald’s Founders

This section focuses on the people that started the company. You can gain insights into their goals, ideas, foresight, and how they started the company. Many founders have interesting stories and experiences related to starting their business and the challenges they faced, as well as what they did to overcome those challenges.

Have a look at the following resources included in this post related to the founders.

Richard and Maurice McDonald | McDonald’s Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Ray Kroc – Wikipedia

Fact-checking The Founder | RAY & JOAN

43 Cut-Throat Facts About Ray Kroc And The History Of McDonald’s

McDonald’s Executives

In the executive section, you’ll find information related to the management of a company. Management decisions are an important role in a company’s success. It’s not luck that makes a company successful, but planning, strategy, and leadership.

Have a look at the selection below for information related to the executives of McDonald’s.

Leadership | McDonald’s

McDonald’s U.S. Leadership Team: CEO & Executives | McDonald’s

MCDONALD’S CORP Executive Salaries & Other Compensation | Salary.com

The McDonald’s Mission Statement

A mission statement helps a company stay on track and focus on its goals, culture, and ensures everyone is on the same page.

A mission statement is for company employees as well as the public. It’s usually a broad description of the company’s focus and activities.

A company’s mission statement is the company’s public face, and it is commonly used in marketing materials.

Below are the resources I have included related to the mission statement of McDonald’s.

McDonalds mission statement 2013 – Strategic Management Insight

McDonald’s Mission Statement & Vision Statement (An Analysis) – Panmore Institute

McDonald’s Mission, Vision & Values | Comparably

McDonald’s Mission Statement 2019 | McDonald’s Mission & Vision Analysis

McDonald’s Divisions And Subsidiaries

The division of a company is a part of a business entity. In other words, even if a division operates under a different name it’s still part of the entity.

A subsidiary is an entirely different company, usually owned by a larger company.

Have a look at the resources for McDonald’s subsidiaries and Divisions.

List of companies owned by McDonald’s | McDonald’s Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

McDonald’s Corporation subsidiaries of the registrant

Subsidiaries of the registrant

McDonald’s Ownership And Investors

In this section, you’ll find resources related to ownership, investors, and shares, of McDonald’s. Below you’ll find the resources I have included for this post.

MCD – Mcdonald’s Corp Shareholders – CNNMoney.com

These 5 Companies Own 18% of McDonald’s Stock | The Motley Fool

McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) Stock Major Holders

Facts About McDonald’s

In this section, you’ll find facts about the company. I like going through the facts because in a page or two you can learn a lot about the company and if you find something that’s really interesting you can dig deeper.

Have a look at the resources below included in this post related to McDonald’s facts.

40 Interesting facts about McDonald’s – Serious Facts

12 Crazy Facts About McDonald’s You Won’t Believe

12 facts about McDonald’s that will blow your mind – Business Insider

96 Random Facts about McDonald’s Food | FactRetriever

Mind-Blowing Facts About McDonald’s | Reader’s Digest

McDonald’s Reports And Financial Statements

In this section, you can find out information such as the company’s profits, losses, net worth, liabilities, shares, owner’s equity, etc. that is available to the general public.

Have a look at the resources included below.

Annual Reports | McDonald’s

Company Overview | McDonald’s

MCD – Mcdonald’s Corp Profile | Reuters

Business Strategies Used By McDonald’s

In this section, can get a glimpse of the strategist used by the company. The strategy a company uses can be the difference between success, failure, a mediocre business, or a huge success story.

Below you’ll see the resources included related to business strategies used by McDonald’s

Operations and Business Strategy of McDonalds

Our Business Model | McDonald’s

McDonald’s Generic Strategy & Intensive Growth Strategies – Panmore Institute

Corporate & Business Strategy – Analysis of McDonald’s

McDonald’s Value Strategy Searches for a Sweet Spot – QSR magazine

Revenue Strategies

This section focuses on the main revenue sources the company targets. For some companies it’s one main source for others it’s multiple sources of revenue.

Have a look at the resources to follow to give you an overview of the revenue strategies used by McDonald’s.

McDonald’s (MCD) isn’t really a fast food chain, it’s a brilliant real estate company — Quartz

The Real Way McDonald’s Makes Money (It’s Not Food) | Reader’s Digest

How McDonald’s Makes Money: Franchising Fast Food

Mcdonald’s Real Estate: How They Really Make Their Money – Wall Street Survivor

How McDonald’s Corporation Makes Most of Its Money | The Motley Fool

The Main Competitors of McDonald’s

This section focuses on direct and indirect competition for McDonald’s. Competition is good, it drives innovation. If it wasn’t for competition businesses wouldn’t have to try so hard for your business. Competition makes managers and company owners come up with better ideas for products and services while providing the best prices they can.

Below you can browse through the resources related to the main competition for McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Competitors, Revenue, Number of Employees, Funding and Acquisitions

Who Are McDonald’s Main Competitors?

The top McDonalds Competitors – Competitor analysis of McDonalds

Target Market & Marketing Strategies

This section focuses on the target market and the marketing strategies used. Just as above targeting is an important process and without it your focus will be too broad and you won’t be able to zero in on the right marketing techniques.

The marketing strategy used by a company can make or break it. The right strategy can make millions while a poor marketing strategy can end up in bankruptcy.

McDonald’s Marketing Mix (4Ps) Analysis – Panmore Institute

McDonalds’ segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy | T1 2016 MPK732 Marketing Management (Cluster B)

Mcdonalds Marketing Startegy | Market Segmentation | Pricing

Products & Services Offered By McDonald’s

This section offer resources related to core products and services offered by McDonald’s. Many large corporations have a large variety of products and services. Some companies are so large and complex that they deal in a variety of industries that operate on a global level, which is known as conglomerates.

Have a look at the resources below for products and services offered by McDonald’s.

List of McDonald’s products – Wikipedia

McDonald’s Employee Relations

In this section, you can find resources related to the employees of McDonald’s such as job satisfaction, labor relations, the number of employees, etc.

McDonald’s employees share what they have learned – Business Insider

14 Secrets of McDonald’s Employees | Mental Floss

Working at McDonald’s: 107,136 Reviews | Indeed.com

McDonald’s Company Culture

Here’s where you can gain an idea about the culture of the company. A Company’s culture includes the work environment, company values, expectations, ethics, and more.

See the resources included in this post for the culture of McDonald’s

Our Values | McDonald’s

Examining The Corporate Culture And Values Of McDonalds Corporation

McDonald’s Organizational Culture Analysis – Panmore Institute

The Reputation of McDonald’s

In the resources below, you’ll find information related to the reputation of McDonald’s. You’ll get insights as to how McDonald’s is viewed by the general public.

A companies reputation is important a bad reputation can result in huge losses and the loss of public trust. A company’s reputation is an asset to any company and it’s important to maintain it.

McDonald’s Reputation | HowStuffWorks

McDonald’s at a Reputation Crossroads | Reputation Institute

McDonald’s and… brand image, reputation and public trust : McDonalds

Bloomberg – Are you a robot?

McDonald’s Company Complaints

In this section, you can go through the resources to view the complaints, whether the complaints lead to a lawsuit or a viral rant, have a look at the complaints people have against McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Lawsuit Targets ‘Pervasive’ Culture of Sexual Harassment – The New York Times

McDonald’s legal cases – Wikipedia

“Know the Facts:” Resources for Consumers

McDonald’s Failures

Companies go through many phases, some are successful and some are miserable failures. Even though a company has failures, it’s a learning experience for management as well as other people.

Below are the resources I have included for this post related to McDonald’s failures.

Biggest McDonald’s Menu Fails of All Time | Reader’s Digest

20 of the Biggest Failed McDonald’s Menu Items | Eat This Not That

One of McDonald’s most expensive failures is back

15 of McDonald’s Most Spectacular Failures | HuffPost

Big Mac or bust? McDonald’s biggest fails through the years | Fox News

Inside The Success of McDonald’s

Success can be the result of a small idea that was executed extremely well at other times it may be the result of a long term vision.

It’s interesting to study the success of companies and how people have dealt with managing a company that started off small and grew into a huge success story.

Have a look at the resources I have included in this post related to the success of McDonald’s.

How McDonald’s Became The Leader In The Fast Food Industry – Marketing Strategy

Why is McDonald’s So Successful? | FranchiseDirect.com

8 Things McDonald’s Can Teach You About Business Success

McDonalds top five critical success factors

Books Related to McDonald’s

Some companies are a huge success story or a miserable failure, with many lessons to learn. Have a look at books people have written for a complete overview.

Have a look at the links below to view the books available related to McDonald’s

Books From Amazon Related To McDonald’s

Google Book Search Related To McDonald’s

The Latest About McDonald’s

In this section, you’ll be able to stay up to date on the latest information related to McDonald’s including the latest news, Google searches, videos, what people are tweeting, and more.

I recommend spending some time on the news, tweets, that can offer up-to-the-minute information about McDonald’s.

Google Searches

Latest Search Results Related To McDonald’s

Latest Scholar Search Results Related To McDonald’s

Latest Image Search Results Related to McDonald’s


Latest News Related To McDonald’s


Tweets Related To McDonald’s


Videos Related To McDonald’s