What You Need to Know About Oil Change Business Equipment

November 30, 2020 302 views

Key Considerations for Choosing Oil Change Business Equipment

This post focuses on some of the considerations to review for equipment used in an oil change business.

The tools and equipment you’ll need are numerous. You may need to look into bulk lubricant dispensing, hose and reel oil pumps, pneumatic grease guns, oil filter tools, a variety of hand, and shop tools, etc. There are a few considerations before you start looking into the tools. Let’s go over them.

Your Shop Setup

When looking to purchase equipment and tools, your first step is to define the type of oil change system you’re looking into.

For example, are you planning on a quick lube system, where cars are in and out in a few minutes? Will you have a conventional garage setup where you lift the vehicle on a hoist? Or are you planning on a mobile oil change business that uses a vacuum system to suck the oil out of the engine at the customer’s location?


The size of your business and the number of bays you plan to have will affect your costs. You’ll want to consult with a professional to get the optimal setup and price.

For example, creating a system with pumps and an oil dispenser system for one bay may cost you almost the same for a three-bay system. This is because you have to put in a lot of the equipment, whether it’s one bay or three bays.

New, Used, or Refurbished

Another factor is whether you plan on purchasing a new, used, or possibly a refurbished system.

No matter what type you purchase, you’re main concern is reliability. If you try and save money and purchase an inferior system, your equipment may break down. The last thing you want is to turn customers away because your system is down, especially when you’re starting out.

Franchise Advantage

If you’re planning on a franchise. A lot of the equipment planning stage is included. A franchise has everything set and planned out for you. You’ll have an accurate budget for the startup costs as well.

The equipment you’ll use as a franchise will be the same as other franchise owners. One of the benefits is the equipment is tested. Also, maintenance and service plans will be in place.

Whether you start your own quick lube or choose a franchise. Look into the franchise option so you can get information on the equipment and setup used.

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