How to Choose Oil Change Business Software

December 2, 2020 296 views

Oil Change Business Software Considerations

This post offers tips, advice, and resources for choosing software for an oil change business. Before you get to the resource section, let’s go over a few important considerations.

Depending on your business, you may need software for your oil change business. You may be in a rural area where you operate part-time, and you don’t have a high volume of sales. You accept cash and offer a paper receipt. If this is similar to your business, then you can get by without a software package. Otherwise, you will need software for efficiency.

Identifying Your Requirements:

The first step to choosing your software is identifying your needs, with the most important functions at the top of your list.

When you have identified your requirements, you’ll be able to eliminate those programs that don’t have what you’re looking for. You can then focus on the programs with the required features.


Another issue to keep in mind is that even if the software has the function included, you need to try out how efficient that function is. For example, you scan the VIN, which will bring up the engine’s size, type, amount of oil to use, etc. A problem might be the database is limited, and not all vehicles show up in the software.


A demo will let you try out the software to check issues such as; how user-friendly it is, how quick it is, and how stable it operates.

The software you choose has an impact on your productivity. If you choose software that is slow or isn’t user-friendly will affect how you perform.

When you have a choice, think of choosing software as choosing a car. Suppose you purchase a car that handles well, and you enjoy driving it. In that case, you have a much better driving experience, and you’re able to go down any road no matter how difficult that road may be. Compare that to purchasing a dump truck to get to and from work. Both will get you there, but one works better for you than the other.

Other Options

If you don’t find an out-of-the-box package, you could hire a programmer to build a custom program to include what you want.

A programmer may create the program for you and move on to some other line of work. In this case, you won’t have any support for your software. Not having software support can be compared to taking a road trip across the country without a spare tire.

Switching Software

When you’re looking for a program, you have many options, and you can switch from one to another. If you have data in the program, then it’s much more difficult to switch.

For example, you have data for a few years and want to switch to different software. Unless your old program has a decent export function, it will be difficult to use your existing data.


One of the best ways to get feedback is to talk to other business owners that use the software. You want to make sure you’re not talking to an owner you’re in direct competition with. You could travel out of your area to talk with owners that aren’t threatened by you as a competitor.

You can also do some research online for people that are using the software to get some feedback.

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s a few of the considerations for choosing the right software for your business. My advice is to take your time, get feedback, and test the software you’re considering.

Next, you’ll get to the resources mentioned earlier.


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