How to Present a Project Your Audience Will Relate To

June 9, 2020 600 views

How To Present A Project and Get The Approval You’re Looking For!

In this post, I’ll offer a few tips and insights that can help you with your presentation. Also, you’ll find an extensive resource section provided by various authors with hundreds of tips you can use to create and present your ideas that capture the attention of your audience.

Quality of Your Presentation

The quality of your presentation will influence the decision to approve or reject your project. If you give a barely understood presentation, do you think you’ll get approval for your project? If you miss important facts, you won’t get approval. If you present your project lacking confidence, management may not have enough confidence in you. You must prepare your presentation and practice it until your satisfied.

Here are a few points to help you with your presentation that you can use anytime you have a project to pitch.

Know Your Audience

Make a list of who will be attending and write the characteristics of each person.
For Example:
Jack, Senior VP of operations: With Jack, you must get your numbers correct, you can’t guess, and can’t go back on what you say.

Paul, VP of Operations: Paul is laid-back and fair; he likes professionalism; he listens more than letting you know what he is thinking. He is an advisor to Jack.

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