Here Are The Valid Reasons to Write Up An Employee

March 4, 2020 575 views

11 Valid Reasons to Write Up An Employee

Writing up an employee is nothing to look forward to, and many supervisors and managers avoid it when possible. However, if you let things go without discipline, an employee may not care about the actions they take and think everything is okay.

As a manager or supervisor, you want to make sure you are writing up your employees when necessary and only when necessary. You don’t want to write them up for every little issue because in that case, your write-ups will lose their significance.

With clear policies in place, you want to make sure your reasons for discipline are valid. If the reasons are weak or invalid, and you end up terminating an employee, they may seek legal counsel.

It’s a good business practice to be fair and to give your employees a chance to explain themselves and correct any issue. It’s also good practice to coach them. Most importantly, when disciplinary action is warranted, you want to ensure that everything is done by the book.

Some valid reasons to write up an employee include:

Insubordination – This is when you tell an employee to perform a valid work-related duty that is part of their job, and they refuse to do it.

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