How To Create a Facebook Page for Business

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Do you have a business and are thinking of using Facebook to acquire more customers and promote your products and services? How do you get started? Well, the first thing you need to do is create a Facebook Business Page.

What’s great about Facebook Business Pages is they enable you to establish your business as its own identity on Facebook. Your audience can learn about your business without necessarily knowing you or checking your profile. People will get to connect and build a relationship with your entity rather than the person behind it.

Tips and Insights to Create a Facebook Business Page

Today’s post will walk you through what a Facebook Business Page is, why you should consider having one, how it differs from a Facebook personal profile, and the steps to creating one. And right when you think we’re done, we will answer 10 commonly asked questions about the Facebook Business Page.

What Is a Facebook Business Page?

A Facebook Business Page is a Facebook account created and used by businesses, organizations, artists, and other public figures. This account has many similar functionalities as those in a personal Facebook profile. Users can post content, view, share, and comment on other people’s posts, get notifications, and send and receive messages. The difference is that pages are created for business or professional purposes rather than personal socialization.

Why Have a Facebook Business Page?

It’s no secret that Facebook can be of benefit to small businesses. With billions of users logging in every month, you can be sure to find your target audience on this social network.

However, why is it better to have a Facebook Business Page rather than use your personal profile for business purposes? Are there any benefits that come with using a Facebook Business Page? Yes, there are, and we’ve highlighted a couple of them below.

Increase Brand Awareness

Having a Facebook Business Page allows you to build an online presence for your business. It gives your business an online identity and offers you an opportunity to showcase it in front of your target customers.

With a business Page, your customers can learn about your company without knowing the face or person behind the entity. This helps create professionalism and helps them connect with your business at a personal level. Your chances of building brand loyalty are higher if you have a business Page than if you use a personal profile.

Connect and Engage With Target Customers

Another benefit of a Facebook Business Page is the ability to reach your preferred audience. You get to target customers based on location, interests, demographics, and previous interactions with your brand. Personal Facebook profiles don’t offer such targeting capabilities.

Having a Facebook Business Page also offers you an opportunity to tell customers what they need to know about your business. Most customers don’t see what happens inside your company unless you share this information. With a Facebook Page, you can show customers the things happening behind the scenes in your entity. Such content will make your business look more authentic and thus more trustworthy. You can also update customers on new products and upcoming discounts, events, and sales.

Boost SEO

A Facebook Business Page grants you more than just social media presence. You also get to rank highly in search engine queries related to your business.

For example, let’s assume you own a brick-and-mortar business called The Konastone Shop, and you don’t have a website. Let’s also say that you open a Facebook Business Page for your entity. If anyone searches for the keyword “The Konastone Shop” on Google, your business will appear on the search results despite you not having a website. By clicking on the result leading to the Facebook Page, the user will be able to learn more about your business.

Increase Web Traffic

Having a Facebook Business Page enables you to increase traffic to your website or app. You can add a link to your business website on your page in the About section. You can also create link posts or run ads to get more web traffic. Such ads will have a button leading to your website when someone taps on it. In the case of link posts, Facebook will create a vibrant preview of your website to make it easily noticeable and more engaging to your audience.

Get In-Depth Insights

Facebook provides a lot of metrics and analytics for measuring page performance. These insights are only available on a Facebook Business Page. Your personal Facebook profile won’t offer any insights into how users interact with it.

If you have a Facebook Business Page, you can check Page Insights to track its growth. You get to see the number of people who visited your Page and their actions. This information will help inform you whether your marketing strategy is working.

Ability to Sell Straight From Your Page

Facebook Business Pages come with a Shops feature that enables customers to buy your products straight from your business Page. The only things you need to do is set up your shop and add your inventory to the Page. Customers can also book appointments from your Page through the Appointments tool. If you use your personal Facebook profile for business purposes, you won’t be able to take advantage of these two features.

How Is a Facebook Business Page Different From a Personal Profile?

You now know why having a business Page is better than using your personal profile for business purposes. But how does a Facebook Business Page differ from a personal profile? Here are a few of the key differences:

  • Purpose

The first difference between a Facebook Page and a profile is the purpose or motive behind having the account. Personal Facebook profiles are for socializing and connecting with friends and other users. If you use this account type for commercial purposes, you’ll be in violation of Facebook’s policies.

Facebook Business Pages, by contrast, cater to organizational or business needs. They are for growing your business and connecting with target customers on Facebook.

  • Features

While it’s true that both account types share most of the features, some elements offered on Facebook Pages are not available on personal profiles. For example, Facebook Business Pages have tools like Page Insights, Ads Manager, and Shops. This account type also has an appointments booking tool and a reviews section where customers can rate your business.

  • Account Management 

Facebook profiles can only have one user or administrator. Facebook Pages, by contrast, can have multiple administrators and moderators. All you need to do is change the role of a user.

  • Sending Requests

Unlike a Facebook Page, you can send and accept friend requests in a personal profile. You can’t do any of these activities on a Facebook Page. Facebook Pages have likes and followers, but not friends. The most you can do on a Facebook Page is invite users to like and follow it.

  • Privacy

If you have a Facebook profile, you can choose who sees or visits your account. All you need to do is change your Facebook privacy settings. Facebook Pages are public, meaning anyone can see them.

Creating a Facebook Business Page

If you want to create a Facebook Business Page but don’t know how to, follow these seven steps:

1. Register Your Facebook Business Page

You need a personal Facebook profile to create a Facebook Page. If you don’t have one, your first step should be to open a Facebook account. Once you open your account, log in and select the Pages tab on the left sidebar menu on your homepage. On the Pages tab, select the “Create New Pages” button. Facebook will redirect you and prompt you to fill in information for your new business Page.

2. Fill in Page Information

Next up, you’ll need to type in the name of your business Page and choose the category that best describes your entity. You can use your company’s name or select one that best explains what your new Page is about. In the case of categories, you can pick up to three.

You’ll also need to write a short description highlighting the purpose of your new Page. The description will go to the About section. Facebook will show you a preview of your Page on the right side of the screen as you fill in these three details.

Once you enter the required information, click the “Create Page” button to open your new Page.

3. Add a Profile Picture and Cover Photo

Your next step will be to upload a profile picture and cover photo from your device. Your profile picture will, in most cases, be your business’s logo. As for the cover photo, try adding a vibrant image that describes your business.

4. Connect Your Business Page to WhatsApp (Optional)

Facebook may show a popup to ask if you’d like to connect your business page to your WhatsApp account. You’ll simply need to enter your WhatsApp phone number and tap “Send Code.” If you wish to skip this step, you can close the popup.

5. Fill in Additional Business Information

Even though your Page is officially open, its current state won’t help you much. You need to set your Page up for success by including additional information about your entity. Fortunately, Facebook offers steps that you can follow to add business details.

On your Page, find a section called “Set Your Page Up for Success.” Select the “Provide Info and Preferences” tab. Here is some information you’ll need to fill in:

  • Website
  • Business location
  • Working hours
  • Contact information
  • Call-to-action button

6. Create Your First Post

Before you invite friends to like your Page, create one or more posts about your business. By doing so, your friends will have something valuable to see on your Page, giving them a reason to like and follow it.

To create a post, find the section named “Create Post.” Tap on it. A popup will appear where you can upload your media content and write text details for your post.

7. Invite Friends to Like Your Page

Your final step will be to invite friends to like your Page. Facebook also makes this step easy for you. You can start by inviting your existing Facebook friends.

Find a section called “Invite friends to like your Page” on your Page. Tap the “See all friends” button and send invitations to the people you want to like your Page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

By now, you know a ton about creating a Facebook Business Page. Here are a few frequently asked on managing and optimizing it.

1. How can I turn on ratings and reviews on my Facebook Business Page?

The review section on your Facebook Page lets customers describe their experiences with your business. This section comes turned on by default. To manage it, here are the steps to do so

  1. Go to your Facebook Business Page.
  2. Select the Settings tab.
  3. Go to “Templates and Tabs.”
  4. Find the Reviews tab and drag the slider to enable or disable reviews.

2. Is it possible to automate responses on a business Page?

Automating responses on your Facebook Page is a great way to respond to your audience without logging in to the Page. You can, however, only do this using Facebook Messenger.

Go to your Inbox and select “Automatic Responses” or “Automations.” Check the automation options available and choose whether to turn them on or off. Once you turn one on, Facebook will prompt you to customize the message you want automated.

3. Do I need a personal Facebook account to open a business Page?

Yes, you need a personal Facebook account to open a business Page.

4. Can I have more than one Facebook Business Page on my personal account?

Yes, you can create multiple business Pages with one personal account. You’d want to do this if you run different businesses or want to showcase many lines of products or services. You shouldn’t, however, have more than one personal account. It’s against Facebook’s guidelines.

5. How can I set up a shop on my Facebook Page?

The Shops tool on your Facebook Page allows you to showcase and sell your products online straight from your business Page. To set up your shop, you first need to add the section to your Page. You’ll find the “Add Shop Section” link below your Page’s cover photo.

Once you add the shop section to your Facebook Page, head to that section to set up your shop. You’ll need to choose a checkout method, enter your business details, and add inventory. Your shop will be ready for selling once you finish these three steps.

6. Can I create Facebook ads without a business Page?

Yes, you can still create Facebook ads if you don’t have a business Page, but there may be limits to the types of advertisements you can run. For example, you won’t be able to run carousel ads, dynamic product ads, and boosted posts.

Your selection of marketing goals will also not be as diverse as the ones available with a business Page. Therefore, it’s better to create ad campaigns with a business Page.

7. How can I create an ad campaign from my business Page?

To create an ad campaign, head to the “Ads Manager” tool on your Page. You can also click the “Create Ad” button visible on your business Page.

Once in the Ads Manager section, select the Create tab to begin your ad creation process. Here are the steps to follow when creating the ad:

  1. Choose a marketing goal.
  2. Add or select the creative (the media component or text) you want in your ad.
  3. Define your target audience.
  4. Set your budget and campaign duration.
  5. Select your ad destination.
  6. Preview and launch your ad campaign.

8. How can I create offers and discounts on my Business Page?

Facebook allows you to create discounts and coupons directly from your business Page.

To create an offer, go to the Offers section on your business Page. Next up, tap the “Create Offer” button. You’ll be required to choose the type of offer and fill in the discount percentage. You’ll also need to set the duration, write a short description of the offer, and choose a photo highlighting the discount. Click Publish once you fill in all the necessary details.

9. How can I set up an FAQ section on my Facebook Business Page?

If you have questions that your audience keeps asking you, why not try setting up FAQ messages? The good news is you can do this on your business Page. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. On your business Page, click Settings on the left sidebar menu and select Messaging.
  2. Scroll down to find “Set up Automated Responses.”
  3. Click “Frequently Asked Questions” and turn on this option.
  4. Insert your questions and the respective automated responses.

10. What are Page Insights on my Facebook Business Page?

Page Insights is an analytics dashboard available on Facebook Pages that analyzes how users behave while on your business Page. This tool gives details such as numbers of views, likes and followers, post engagements, and product clicks.


Creating a business Page is only the first step to growing your business on Facebook. Strive to stay active by posting consistently and joining and participating in Groups related to your business. Take some time to create a Facebook marketing strategy and let it guide you to achieve your business goals.

Keep in mind that you need a Facebook profile to create a business Page. Once you log in to your account, find the Pages tab on the left sidebar menu and tap on it. Click “Create New Pages” and follow the creation steps mentioned. The whole process will take you about 10-30 minutes.


Next, in this post, you’ll find a few resources to help you expand your knowledge of creating a Facebook page. The resources lead to search results so that you’ll always have the latest and most popular information any time you visit this page.

Facebook Page Creation Services

Now you know what it takes to create a Facebook page for your business. However, you may not be interested or have the time to do it yourself. And that’s okay. The good news is you can hire a service or a freelancer to create your page for you.

When you find a provider, you may want to check out their reviews or Google the company to ensure you’re making the right choice. You can also contact them for a quote before you move forward.

Look at the link below for the latest search results for services to create a Facebook page for your business.


If you’re an avid reader, maybe purchasing a book is how you like to learn. Books are always detailed and organized to help the reader use the information. For example, with non-fiction books, you don’t even have to read the book from cover to cover. Instead, you can go through the table of contents and skip to the chapter that has the information you want.

The link below allows you to browse books available from Amazon related to creating a Facebook page. Why not take a few minutes to see what’s on the market and decide if any are right for you.

View the most recent books provided by Amazon for creating a Facebook page.


Taking an online course is another route to learning about creating Facebook pages.

I like to use online courses because many of them are video-based and give step-by-step instructions. I also like using online courses. After all, I can go through the information and review it anytime I want because most of them allow lifetime access.

You can take a few minutes to view the latest and most popular courses related to creating a Facebook page from the link below.

Google’s search results related to courses for creating a Facebook page.


The news is another excellent source of information for virtually any topic. When I want to see what the media has to cover about a certain topic, I go to Google News, type in my keyword, and instantly get a list of the most recent and archived news stories related to my query.

If you want, check out the link below to see what’s in the media related to Facebook pages.

See Google’s news search results related to Facebook pages for business.


YouTube is another great source of information for visual learners. I find many of the videos are well done and have a professional look and sound to them, while others, not so much. The good news is you can tell if a video is worth watching in just a couple of minutes.

Another point worth mentioning about YouTube videos is when watching one, you’ll see a list of related videos on your screen, and many of these are topics you may not have considered. From my experience, I find many of these help me expand my knowledge on the topic because I wouldn’t have thought of them and the YouTube algorithm presents accurate and related topics.

See the most recent videos related to creating a Facebook page for business.