Newspaper Advertising Tips

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Tips, Insights, and Resources For Effective Newspaper Advertising

Whether you’ve just launched your entity or have been in business for a while, figuring out the best way to reach your target clientele is challenging.

There are numerous advertising media at your disposal, and the newspaper is one of them. Granted, the effectiveness of newspaper advertising may have dropped over the years, but many companies still rely on this medium to reach customers.

Advertising via newspapers may seem like a straightforward process, but there are factors and insights to consider to ensure your ad is successful.

This post offers you tips to help you run an effective newspaper ad. You’re also going to learn the pros and cons of newspaper advertising, factors affecting the ad cost, and ways to measure effectiveness.

What’s Changed in Newspaper Advertising?

Newspaper advertising is one of the oldest forms of marketing. It was also the most preferred until the early 2000s when TV advertising overtook it and ranked as the go-to medium.

Newspaper advertising continued to be a favorite for many businesses in the early years of 2000. Its decline began in 2008 due to social media and search engines.

People’s focus started to shift from newspapers to search engines and social media platforms like Facebook and X.

Most businesses now prefer digital advertising over newspapers. Newspaper advertising is currently only effective when targeting an audience from the older generation or living in rural areas.

Has Social Media Affected Newspaper Readership?

The rise of the internet and social media has led to a decline in newspaper readership. Although many in the older generation still read newspapers, most young people rely on social media for news, celebrity gossip, and other information.

Information also spreads faster through social media than through newspapers. Therefore, most people who source the latest news from social media don’t see the need to read about it again in a newspaper.

This shift from newspapers to social media has come at a cost. It has led to an increase in fake news since the spread of information is decentralized.

You don’t need to be a journalist or an editor in a publication company to write and share the latest news.

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The only tools you require are a phone with an internet connection and a social media account. Authentic content doesn’t come by as easily as it used to with newspapers.

The Benefits of Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper advertising offers several benefits over other mediums such as radio and television. Here are a few top benefits of this advertising channel:

  • Offers You More Control

One notable benefit of newspaper advertising is it offers more flexibility to you, the advertiser. You have control over where and when the ad will air.

You can select the exact size and section in the newspaper to place the ad. You also have control over the frequency of ad display.

For example, you can tell the newspaper to run your ad on specific days of the week instead of every day.

  • Targets a Local Audience

Another advantage of this advertising medium is it enables you to target specific demographics.

You can use newspaper advertising to reach a particular age group or an audience living in rural areas where the publication circulates.

As long as your target clientele prefers newspapers to social media, you’ll find this advertising channel more effective.

  • Non-Intrusive¬†

Unlike social media and television ads, newspaper ads are not intrusive. They don’t just pop out of nowhere and distract your attention.

The audience can choose to look at the ad or move on to another section. The readers also don’t have to wait for the ad to play to consume content.

  • Considered More Trustworthy

Despite a decline in readership, many people still consider newspapers credible sources of information. They are likely to view a newspaper ad as more trustworthy than a social media ad.

Types of Newspaper Advertising

  • Classified Text Ads

Classified text ads are, in most cases, used by small businesses working with a tight advertising budget. They are the cheapest and are placed in the classified section of a newspaper. The ads are also grouped into specific categories.

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Classified text ads are limited to one column of a newspaper page. You cannot place the ad in two columns or use a unique font and pictures. You can only use words.

  • Classified Display Ads

Classified display ads also fall under the classified section of a newspaper. Like classified text ads, they are grouped into specific categories and are suitable for a business with a small budget.

The difference between these advertisements and classified text ads is the latter can be placed in more than one column and are slightly more expensive. Advertisers can also include images, customize fonts and add color to classified display ads.

  • Display Ads

Display ads are the most expensive newspaper ad type. These are placed alongside editorials rather than in a specific section. They have no size, font, or image limitation, and they get charged per column inch.

Rate Negotiating

Every publication has its rate card, which may be high or low depending on the paper’s readability rate. Some rates, especially for newspapers with small audiences, are open to negotiations. They allow you to haggle for a discount to run the ad. It’s not easy to get a discount from prominent newspapers unless your ads are very creative.

Ad Pricing Structures

The pricing structure for newspaper advertisements depends on the ad type and size. Classified text ads, for instance, are charged per word or line used in the newspaper.

Display ads, whether classified or not, get charged per column inch. A column inch refers to a newspaper space unit that contains one column and one inch (height or depth). Typical newspapers have 6 columns and 21 inches, which amounts to 126 column inches (6 x 21 = 126).

Here’s a quick example. Assume the newspaper publication charges $10 per column inch. If the ad size is 5 columns and 15 inches, the total size amounts to 75 column inches (5 x 15). The newspapers ad will thus cost $750 (10 x 75).

Some newspapers charge based on preset sizes such as a half page, full page, or eighth page. This pricing structure works, in most cases, for display ads.

Factors That Affect Ad Cost

The cost of advertising in a newspaper depends on various factors. They include:

  • Ad Size

As mentioned above, most newspapers charge per column inch or preset size. The bigger the ad size, the higher the cost.

  • Frequency

Some newspapers might offer you a discount depending on the number of times you want your ad to feature. The higher the frequency, the more the discount you can get.

  • Days of the week

The cost of advertising may also vary depending on the day of the week. Sundays usually have a high readability rate, and thus the publisher might charge more on this day than on weekdays.

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  • Publication Circulation Rate

Large newspaper publishers charge a higher rate card than smaller ones because of their high circulation rate. More people will read this newspaper than they would a smaller one.

  • Position

When purchasing a display ad, some newspapers might place it in any section. You can ask the publisher to place your ad in a premium section by paying extra.

  • Black and White vs. Colored

A black and white newspaper ad costs less than a colored one. Colored ads often seem more attractive and are more noticeable compared to black and white ads.

Newspaper Advertising Pros and Cons

Like any other platform, newspaper advertising has its pros and cons. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of this medium:


  • Affordable

Newspaper advertising, although considered expensive, is more cost-effective than other traditional advertising media like television.

  • Longer Retention Time

Newspaper advertising has a longer retention time than radio and television.

  • Permanence

Newspaper ads don’t disappear after a couple of seconds. Once you buy a newspaper, it’s yours. You can always go back to review an ad that caught your interest.

  • Variety

Newspaper advertising offers multiple ad types and options depending on budget.

  • Suitable For A Local Audience

Newspaper advertising is ideal for targeting an audience in a particular location.


  • Unsuitable For Younger Audiences

Most young people prefer to source information from social media and search engines. Rarely would you find them buying or reading newspapers.

  • Declining Readership

Newspaper readership is decreasing by the year, with more and more people embracing social media and search engines. The chances of it ever peaking again are nil.

  • Short Ad Life Span

Compared with social media and magazines, newspaper ads have a short life span. Most publishers publish their newspapers daily. Once someone reads today’s paper, they will wait for tomorrow’s edition and forget the former.

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  • Unsuitable for a Wide Audience

Newspapers are not ideal for a global audience. Most publishers circulate their newspapers in a specific region or location. Your ad may not reach anyone beyond that particular area.

8 Simple Tips to Create an Effective Ad

When creating a newspaper advertisement, you shouldn’t focus solely on the cost and size of your ad. Your goal is to ensure it grabs the reader’s attention and curiosity. Let’s explore a few tips to create an effective newspaper ad.

1. Choose Your Newspaper Carefully

Select a newspaper whose audience is your target market. You don’t necessarily have to choose a large or nationwide newspaper. Y

ou may pay more than you would with a local newspaper that reaches your target customers.

2. Stand Out From Your Competition

Come up with ways to set yourself apart from your competition. Your competitors may also be placing ads in the same newspaper, which reduces the effectiveness of your ads.

Try placing an ad in a section that allows your target audience to see you first, or use an ad size or design that helps you stand out.

3. Use a Powerful Headline That Grabs Attention

Your headline is what captures the reader’s attention and gets them to continue reading the ad.

Keep it catchy but short and simple. Ensure the headline is relevant to your business or provides a solution to your client’s problem.

4. Make an Offer Customers Can’t Refuse

Having an offer on your newspaper ad will mean a higher conversion rate.

People are naturally enticed when they see a discount or offer such as “Buy one get one free” or “30% off.” They feel motivated to try the product or service even though they never intended to in the first place.

5. Talk About the Benefits of Your Product or Service

It’s better to talk about the benefits of a product than about its features. For example, let’s assume your business sells laptops.

Don’t say, “This laptop has 16 GB RAM and 256 GB storage space.” Try saying something like, “With this laptop, you can perform multiple heavy tasks simultaneously.” Alternatively, you can mention both the features and benefits.

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By mentioning the benefits, you create an image in the reader’s mind of how your product or service will add value to their life. This move, in turn, motivates them to buy from you.

6. Include a Call-to-Action

Your customers need to know what action you want them to take next. Would you like them to contact you, or do you want them to place an order?

Give your target customers a call to action to tell them what to do. You can use phrases like “Head to our store” or “Call us for more information.”

7. Create a Sense of Urgency

Creating urgency in your ad makes the reader feel like they should purchase your product or service as soon as possible. It appeals to the fear that they might lose out on the benefits offered if they don’t buy now.

One way to create urgency is by setting a time limit to your offer or discount. Another popular method is creating scarcity. For example, you can limit your discount or voucher to the first 100 customers.

8. Make It Easy for Customers to Contact You

Give your target customer multiple contact options. Let them choose how they’d like to contact you.

For example, you may offer your phone number, email, and website. You can also invite them to send a text or reach you via WhatsApp.

Your aim is to make it as effortless as possible for your customers to contact you. Doing so shows that you offer good customer service and accessibility.

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Newspaper Advertising

Measuring the effectiveness of a newspaper advertisement may not be as easy as it is in digital marketing, but it is possible.

With digital ads, you can instantly see how many people viewed your ad and the actions they took after. In the case of newspapers, you may need to employ different measuring strategies. Here are three ways to measure the effectiveness of a newspaper advertisement:

  • Offer Special Incentives

For example, you can give customers a 30% discount on your newspaper ad and 25% on other advertising platforms. You’ll know the client found out about your business through the newspaper if they call regarding the 30% discount.

  • Ask the Customer

When customers contact you, ask them how they knew about your business.

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  • Offer a Unique Contact Option

If a customer contacts you through a unique phone number or email, you’ll know they found you through your newspaper ad.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s look at a few frequently asked questions about newspaper advertising.

1. Are there advantages to digital advertising compared to print?

Digital advertising offers you a wider geographical reach compared to print.

The former advertising medium also allows you to target specific audiences based on their demographics, such as age and gender, and psychographics like interests and hobbies.

It is also more cost-effective than print ads and thus is suitable for a business with a tight marketing budget.

2. How is newspaper advertising sold?

Newspaper advertising is sold either by section, page, or column. It depends on the ad type.

You can choose ads that go into the classified section of a newspaper or display ads placed alongside the editorials. Both types have a different price range.

3. Newspaper or magazine – how do you choose?

When choosing between newspaper and magazine advertising, you need to consider several factors. The first one is cost. Magazine ads cost relatively more than newspaper ads.

Secondly, magazine advertising offers you a narrower and more niche audience than newspapers. It also has a longer ad life than newspaper advertising.

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Once you read a newspaper, you probably won’t use it any further. Newspaper advertising works best if your target market is in a specific geographical location.

4. What is important when placing a newspaper advertisement?

The essential factors to consider when placing an ad are the newspaper publication, cost, and ad type. Some newspapers offer a wider audience reach than others, but they may be costlier. The ad type and size you select may also affect your ad’s performance.

5. Is advertising in newspapers effective?

Newspaper advertising may or may not be cost-effective, depending on your target market.

This advertising medium works best for an audience in the older generation that prefers sourcing news and information from a newspaper rather than through social media and the internet.

6. Do newspapers offer ad design services?

Yes, most newspapers offer ad design services, but they may come at a cost. You can choose to work with your designer but remember to consult the publication on the font, size, and color required.

7. What is the best copy length?

The best copy length supports the message you want to give your audience.

A long copy length is suitable for offering technical information or instructions. A short one allows you to add graphics to your ad.


Despite the decrease in readership, newspaper advertising is still an effective way to reach your target clientele. It depends on who you are targeting. This advertising medium is suitable for an older audience or customers living in rural areas.

When purchasing a newspaper ad, ensure you choose a newspaper whose readers are your target customers. Find ways to make your ad stand out from your competitors and use a strong headline that captures attention.

Give the customer an offer to entice them to buy your product or service, and don’t forget to add a call to action. With these tips, your newspaper ad will get a higher conversion rate.


Below you’ll find various resources that can help you advertise in a newspaper.

Many of the links lead to search results, giving you the latest and most popular information available. Feel free to use the resources anytime.


Examples are an excellent way to learn something quickly, especially if you’re a visual learner. You will understand the concept better and become more creative by looking at examples. Scroll through the search results to gain a better understanding of newspaper advertising.

Have a look at the latest search results for newspaper advertising examples.

Rate Calculations

Many factors affect the cost of placing a newspaper ad. For example, if you’re placing a classified or display ad, there’s a difference in price according to word count or size.

Therefore, it’s important to understand these factors. This goes beyond the scope of this article but using the link to follow; you’ll be able to find the latest and most popular resources to give you an accurate estimate of what you can expect to pay.

Have a look at the latest search results for newspaper rate calculations.

Current Advertising Rates

Newspaper advertising rates will depend on many factors such as the paper’s circulation, add placement, target audience, the area the newspaper services, etc.

Looking at the link below, you’ll understand the newspaper advertising rates. For an accurate quote, you’ll need to speak with the newspaper you intend to advertise in.

Have a look at the latest search results for current newspaper advertising rates.


Templates are an excellent starting point and can give you an idea of designing your ad and its look.

The link below leads to a Google search results page that will offer the latest and most popular information related to newspaper advertising templates.

Have a look at the latest search results for Newspaper Advertising.


Another source of information is taking a course that can help you with newspaper advertising.

If you are doing a lot of newspaper advertising, it may be worth looking into the courses available to see if anything stands out and can help you achieve your goals.

The link below offers the latest search results for courses related to newspaper advertising.

Google’s search results related to Newspaper Advertising courses.


The news is another source of information that allows you to see what stories the media is covering related to newspaper advertising.

Using a site like Google News allows you to see the most recent and archived stories. You can even set up a Google alert to get notified every time a story related to newspaper advertising comes up in the news.

See Google’s news search results related to Newspaper Advertising.


YouTube has a tremendous amount of content, and you’re sure to find videos on virtually any topic.

Another point to mention is when you’re watching a video, you’ll get a list of related topics, and many times, I find those very valuable, so you may want to keep an eye out for them.

See the most recent videos related to Newspaper Advertising.