How To Build A Website – Resources You Can Use To Get The Site You Want

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A Collection of Web Pages About Building Your First Website

9 Practical Steps For Planning a Website | HostGator Blog

If you are a business owner or employee of an organization, then this guide will help lay the groundwork for your coming website.

What is the purpose of your website? Is it to gain publicity for your business? To sell your inventory?

To rally support behind a cause? It’s important to identify your website’s purpose, as well as your target audience. You should also define your goals…More at

How to create a Website: A detailed step-by-step guide (2019)

An easy step-by-step guide guide on how to create a website. Want to launch a website fast? Want to understand every detail? This guide got it all!

In a hurry and need a quick and easy guide? Or do you need to understand the details, to ensure you make the right choices? This website offers you both options…More at

How to Plan a Website

Detailed tips and advice to planning and building a home business website that attracts your market and generates profits.

P.L.A.N. acronym:

Prepare – Identify your target audience, appropriate website tone, and goals.

Landscape – Think through how you would like your website to be able to function. More specifically, what features need to be on your site?

Aesthetics – The way your website looks and feels is just as important as what…More at

6 Steps: How to Plan a Successful Website Redesign | Far Reach Blog

Learn about the website planning process through a recent project—our own Far Reach website.

You may be surprised to learn we faced many of the same challenges that you might with a website redesign: Despite all of this, the project went smoothly.

How did we do it? We treated ourselves like a client rather than coworkers…More at