How To Promote a DJ Business

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Here Is How To Promote a DJ Business Using These Tips

Anyone can start a business, and it can be challenging to get started. There is a lot of planning, and many people will doubt if what their doing is the right thing to do. They also worry about the funds needed to start and operate their business. Getting a business loan can be difficult if you don’t have the right documentation, management skills, and collateral.

Many businesses make it past the startup phase and are ready to open their doors to the public, only to find no one comes. So if you think, “once my business is open, then it’s smooth sailing,” you are in for a surprise.

Without marketing your business, it will be next to impossible to succeed. Therefore, marketing is one key element you’ll need to survive in the business world.

This post will cover a few tips to promote your DJ business. Take a few minutes to consider each of the tips to ensure they’re right for you. If you haven’t started your Dj business then see, How to Start a DJ Business for an overview of the start-up process.

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Let’s get started.

1. Host Events for Free

If your business is brand new and you’re good at what you do, you’ll want to take on a few jobs for free. But offering your services for free comes off as being desperate. So instead, create a little buzz around the event. Put the word out to a few venues in the area that you’re having a giveaway contest to offer your services as a DJ. When people win something is different than coming up to them and saying, hey, I’ll do it for free.

You can also use this technique even if you’re not new to the industry. You can even take out an ad and have people sign up for your giveaway, for example, on a Facebook page or your website.

2. Create Video Clips.

For example, if you have a wedding that hired you, ask the videographer on-site if they will take a few seconds of video while you’re playing your music for an extra fee. You can then develop a video collage and post it on, your website, social media accounts, and YouTube Channel. For every event, you host, publish new video clips to create a stream of videos for your YouTube channel. Naturally, you want to have a variety to keep visitors interested in the clips.

You can also create mixes on YouTube for the music you play at events.

You want to make sure that you’re abiding by the licensing required for the music you’re playing.

3. Advertise on Your Vehicle

Purchase a van for transporting your equipment. Get the van wrapped with a tasteful graphic to promote your DJ business.

Make sure your contact information is easy to remember because many people will see your van as your vehicle is in motion. If it’s difficult to see your contact information at a glance, interested people can’t contact you.

4. Create a Referral Program

For every event, you host, provide business cards with a way to track who gave them out so that you can provide a referral fee. For example, you could add a number somewhere on the card, and when you receive that card, you’ll know which person gave that out to pay them the referral fee.

5. Create A Corporate ID

Create a corporate ID. Which consist of business cards, letterheads, envelopes, brochures, a website, a logo, and promotional items. If you’re starting, you can create just the business cards, your logo, and your website. You can create the rest when your business is up and running or as needed. For more on corporate IDs See our page on Corporate Identity Packages

6. Create A Website For Your DJ Services

Even though the website is part of your corporate ID, we’re going to include it as a tip by itself to emphasize the importance of having one. Sure, you can get by with a Facebook page or YouTube channel, but those should be in addition to your website. When you register your domain name, you have registered something that is yours and gives you more flexibility than using social media channels.

For example, you may want to post photos of your events, videos, contacts, a mailing list, prize giveaways, etc. You can do a lot of these on social media but keep in mind the channels on social media or not yours. If any of the terms of service change or you violate terms and services, you have lost everything.

Your website is a core part of your marketing and online presence. Of course, you can still use social media, but your website is something you own.

On your website, you can also start a blog where you can offer tips for hosting events, the latest hits, or anything related to DJs and parties. In addition, you can do some keyword research to see what people are searching for and write articles for a constant stream of keyword-rich topics. If you’re not much of a writer, you can also get your articles written for you, and you can post an article every month or weekly.

7. Look for Referrals

Do some research to find local venues, wedding planners, wedding photographers, and wedding videographers, and introduce your business while offering a referral fee for every client they bring you. In addition, you will also refer your clients to them. You may get one or two partners that would like to do a joint venture with you and that’s all you’ll need.

8. Post Local Flyers

Post flyers on local bulletin boards offering your services, which is a great way to get some free advertising. Many of them require permission, but you shouldn’t have a problem if your ad complies with posting guidelines.

9. Host Events

Do some research to find some local bars and offer your services at a discount or even free just to drum up some business. Offered to host an event for a few hours where they have the right crowd for your type of music. You can also talk to nightclubs and offer your services perhaps on an off night if they already provide that service. You could also say you’re available as a backup service.

10. Host School Dances

Offer your services for school dances in the area. Providing your DJ services at prom, graduation, or even school dances is a great way to get your name out there with the younger generation.

11. Business Card Marketing

Keep enough business cards on hand so that anywhere you go and meet new people, you can offer your card and a few cards that they can hand out to their acquaintances. So just say here’s my card, and here are a few if you’d like to distribute them to anyone you think might be interested in using our services.

12. Google Business Profile

Set up a Google Business Profile so that people searching for DJ services on Google will see your business as one of the listings.

You can take out Google Ads for the keyword DJ services whenever someone searches for DJ in your area. This is an excellent way to get targeted customers in your local area.

13. FaceBook Advertising.

You can advertise on Facebook to get targeted customers to your business. Facebook has a good method of targeting the right customers in your area. Therefore, you wouldn’t be wasting your advertising dollars on people from different areas.

14. TikTok Exposure

You can use TikTok to create a few videos that will bring attention to your business. I would suggest short clips of events you host. It could be in between mixes or if you’re using a smoke machine while people are on the dance floor. Another idea is to search for DJs through the app and see what others are posting keep an eye out for the videos with the most views and determine if making something similar is appropriate for your business. For more see, How To Advertise on TikTok.

15. Influencer Marketing

Look for influencers that have followers that are interested in music and talk to them about promoting your service. Keep in mind you need to approach this in a way where the influencer has something to promote. Many influencers will not promote something that doesn’t benefit their audience. If they just promote anything they will lose followers. So come up with what makes your DJ business original, what you provide that is special, what makes people want to use your service, etc, before approaching an influencer

16. Billboard Advertising

If your business is located near a busy highway, you may be able to place a billboard on a piece of land near the road. You could get in touch with the landowner, create a sign, and lease the right to put the sign on their land. Another idea is if there are buildings or a barn, for example, you could paint the side of the building with your advertisement on the building, these would probably be long-term placements. Another option is to consider running an advertising campaign on local billboards, in your city or town, with companies that offer billboard advertising.

17. Busses and Cabs And Mobile Ads

Your business can advertise on benches or inside bus waiting areas if it is located in a city with many bus stops, or even on the side of a bus and inside available. You may also want to consider advertising on cabs. If you are in a large city you want to consider using a mobile billboard advertising service. 

18. Conventional Local Advertising Methods

Conventional advertising methods are still around and strong. You can advertise in your local paper; local cable TV stations, radio stations, and magazines. One of the most important points is to make sure you are targeting the right people. It’s better to target a smaller group of the right people than to advertise to millions of people that aren’t interested in hiring a DJ.

19. Become an Expert.

When you become an expert, people listen. Once you’ve established your expertise, you can contact local media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, TV stations, radio stations, etc. you can advertise through an advertorial or go through an interview where you offer tips on how to host an event, choose the music, and make any event memorable. You don’t have to give away your secrets, but you can give away tips to help people create excellent parties. You become known throughout the community as the person to contact whenever someone wants DJ services. Although, in the beginning, you may have to pay for the advertorials, as time goes on and your name gets out, people will be contacting you for interviews.

You can also monitor the news for any special events related to large parties or events and contact the media to let them know that you’re available for an interview and what you can provide. Often, the media is hungry for a slant for current news. They don’t want to keep talking about the same thing repeatedly. If you can offer something related to a big story with a different slant, the media will likely interview you for the piece where you can get your name out there and offer great tips.

Optimize Your Marketing.

Next, let’s go over a few tips to ensure your marketing campaigns are successful.

To ensure your advertising campaigns are as effective as possible. You must test and record your results. A benchmark is also essential.

Let’s say you run an ad, and you get seven referrals. That’s your benchmark for now. Change one thing about the same ad and then run it again. The headline or the content could be changed. You could also change the call to action. You need to only test one change every time you run the ad, otherwise, you won’t be able to identify what caused the change in your response rate.

Marketers test the headlines for classified ads because that’s an important part of getting people to read the rest of the ad. If, for example, you run the same ad with a new headline and this time you got 15 responses, then this is your new standard ad, also known as your Control Ad.

Your next step is to run another ad, trying to improve the ad, and you keep doing this until you get the best response. There will be some ads that are less effective while others that are more effective. It is important to test and record so you can enhance your response rate. The Control Ad is used to expand coverage once it has been created. In many cases, you can use it in multiple publications and online advertising because you know you have a winning ad. As a result, you can spend more on your campaign knowing you will receive responses.

By using the method above, you can test other advertising methods, including radio ads and online ads such as Google.

If you create a Google ads campaign, you can run two or even three ads at the same time also known as testing is what this is called. With a two-week campaign, you will be able to see which of the two or three ads gets the best response. A split test saves you time since you can run the campaign simultaneously rather than running the ad every week. You can also run a split test with the same ad in two different publications to determine which publication is more effective for your ad.

Well, there you have it. Hopefully, you’ll find some benefits and use the tips to promote your DJ business. For more marketing tips see our articles related to marketing your business. 

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