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Money Management Tips

Here’s What The Experts Are Saying About The Rules of Money

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Have a look at this page loaded with resources for dealing with money. These tips can help shape your finances and improve your life. Take a few minutes to dive in and see what the experts have to say.

Here Are The Top Reasons For Being Broke All The Time

Image of someone holding an empty wallet
Are you always behind on your bills? Do feel like you are going to be broke for the rest of your life? See this page with a collection of sites that will reveal some interesting insights to this problem

How To Negotiate Interest Rates With Your Credit Card Company

Image of Credit Cards
Paying high interest rates on your credit cards? See this page that may help you reduce high interest rates

How To Use The Debt Snowball Method To Get out of...

Image of a man and woman sitting on the floor looking at bills
Here's a surefire way to get out of debit and stay that way, using the the debt snowball method

How To Downsize Your Home Reduce Debt And Simplify Your Life

Image of a small House
Have you considered buying a smaller house so you can live a life that is closer to becoming debt free? Have a look at these resources that can help you decide.

Avoid Shopping, Bad for the Economy Good For Your Bank Balance!

Image of a women holding multiple shopping bags
Here's how you can increase your bank balance by simply reducing and improving your shopping habits. Have a look at these hand-picked resources.

How Much Money Are You Spending on Monthly Subscriptions?

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Are you losing money simply because you are having money come out of your account every month on recurring services you are not using?

How Much Money Can You Save By Using Recycled Toner

Image of a printer showing the toner cartridge
If you do a lot of printing you may want to look into using recycled toner for your printer. The saving may be worth it for you. Have a look at these resources to make an informed decision.