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This post contains an abundance of resources that will help you get jobs on but first a few brief points worth considering.

Upwork is a site where you can find freelances for hire, or find work as a freelance. It’s a great place to find talent. I have used for years before it became a part of the Upwork network. It’s helped me find talented freelancers from around the world.

The feedback system from people that have worked with freelancers is very helpful in deciding which freelancer to hire. You’ll gain a general idea of the relationship and quality of work you can expect.

As a freelancer, you want to make sure you have a good rating from the people you have worked with.

Some issues you want to pay attention to are:


You want to be available when someone messages you. Ignoring a message from a client makes them uncomfortable. Naturally, there are different time zones and it’s good practice to let people know when you are available.

It’s good practice to reply within 12 hours maximum if you are in a different time zone. For normal working hours, reply within the hour.

Even if you need time to give an answerer, let your client know you will need to look into the issue and get back to them as soon as you can.

Provide Progress Report:

Don’t wait until you are finished to submit your work. During the process offer samples of what you have to ensure you are both on the same page for what they expect you to deliver.

If you wait until the end the person may need changes or reject the work altogether because there was a miscommunication.

Stay Ahead of Deadlines:

There’s nothing worse than excuses for not delivering on time. People expect their project to be completed on time. Keep in mind they may have a deadline for the work you’re completing.

It’s good practice to account for issues you’re unaware of when setting a deadline. In other words, if you need two weeks to complete a project, ask for two-and-a-half weeks and deliver in two.

Make Sure The Customer Is Always Satisfied:

You may encounter people that are hard to work with. Do your best to avoid confrontation which can lead to a dispute and bad feedback that will hurt your ratings.

It’s better to do what it takes to get the job done and then avoid future projects with that customer. It’s easier to work through the process now than trying to explain the bad feedback to every new prospect interested in hiring you.

Go Above And Beyond:

Think of every customer as one that has a lot of influence. Therefore, you want to deliver quality work and give the customer more than what they expected.

If you get into this habit and avoid delivering mediocre work, then it will pay off in the future.

Consider What You’re Biding On:

Don’t just bid on any project. Bid on the ones you can deliver and exceed customer expectations. A quality portfolio with excellent feedback is much better than a portfolio loaded with a lot of jobs and poor feedback.

There are an abundant amount of resources below that are organized in sections for your convenience.

Sections Included In This Post:

  • How To Get Jobs on Upwork
  • Upwork Bidding Strategies
  • Upwork Proposal Samples
  • Upwork Mistakes
  • Courses Related To Upwork
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  • The Latest About Upwork
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Courses Related To Upwork

This section contains courses I have selected for this post. Have a look to see the course structure and topics covered. By looking at topics covered you’ll have an overview of the areas you need to know about.

With most online courses you can learn at your own pace, finish at your convince, and have access to the material to review whenever you want.

Courses on Related To Upwork

Books Related to Upwork

Books offer structure and cover a lot of information related to the topic they cover. By looking through the table of contents you can gain a lot of insight as to the areas you’ll want to pay attention to.

Have a look at the links below to view the books available related to Upwork

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The Latest About Upwork

In this section, you’ll be able to stay up to date on the latest related to this industry, including the latest news, Google searches, videos, what people are tweeting, and more.

I recommend spending some time on the new, tweets, and any available videos that can offer you the lasts on what’s happening.

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