8 Ways To Reduce Communication Barriers In The Workplace

June 18, 2020 1656 views

Managing Workplace Communication Barriers

There are many communication barriers in the workplace. Many of these can be easily resolved; others need a lot of work for improvement. The lack of wanting to improve is the most significant barrier to any growth. When you’re dedicated to improvement, you’ll find a solution.

In this introduction, I’d like to share the barriers I can relate to most when it comes to poor communications at work. In addition to my views, further down the page, you’ll find a variety of articles written by different authors to give you a broad perspective.

You may want to bookmark this page because you won’t’ be able to digest all the information in one sitting.

1. High Dependency on eMails

When we depend on emails, we don’t get the one to one communication benefits, which allow us to clarify a point and let the other person ask questions on the spot.

Do you remember the last time you gave instructions through an email? Maybe a few emails had to go back and forth to get the point across.
Maybe the recipient ignored your email simply because they didn’t understand the message or its importance. eMails are a great way to communicate, but they are not the only way to communicate.

2. Off shifts

When you work in an environment where you have multiple shifts and are dedicated to one shift, it’s challenging to communicate effectively to the entire team.

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