Here’s What You Need to Know About Starting a Dance Studio

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Here are a few things to consider before you start:

If you’re looking for a business to start, have a passion for the arts, are interested in dance, and would like to help people reach their dreams by providing a space where they can work toward their dreams, then a dance studio can be a startup that’s right for you.

There are many considerations when starting any business. I have six issues I feel are very important, and I will go over them very briefly. You’ll find a lot more information in the resources contained in this post after this brief introduction.


Research the competition in the area. If there is no competition, you need to determine if there is a demand for this service in the area. If there is no demand, then it will be very difficult to run a successful business.

If there is a lot of competition, then it may be difficult to compete unless you offer something the others don’t offer.


How will you get the word out about your business? Will you use social media, paid ads, advertise in a local paper, etc.? Advertising is a key aspect of your success. But no advertising is guaranteed. It’s difficult to get the right message to the right people without spending a fortune.

One of the keys to advertising is to test one thing at a time and adjust based on the results, then test again. You need to repeat this cycle until you have the best results. Once you have something that works, you can increase your advertising budget. Never start with a large budget until you have a test campaign that works.

What Will Make Your Studio Appealing?

What will you do to make your dance studio stand out and have people use it? When starting a business, you need to make it appealing so people will want to come to you rather than the competition.

In this case, you could offer early and late hours. You could provide dance instructors, separate climate control that can be adjusted by the people using the room, private showers, onsite fitness trainers, etc.

You can come up with a list and even conduct surveys to see what people want. When you come up with a list of the ideas that you can implement, not only will this make your studio appealing, but it will also help you in your advertising campaign.

Is This the Right Business for You?

Many times, people will open a business for the lifestyle, for the money, or prestige; personally, if I’m going to invest my time, effort, and money into a business, it must be the right type of business for me.

It has to be something I’m proud of, and it has to be something that interests me. If it’s not, I won’t even consider it because when problems come — and they will — instead of looking for solutions, I’ll be looking for a way out.

Is It Better to Buy a Dance Studio or Start from Scratch?

There are pros and cons to buying an existing business when you do buy an existing business, you get the goodwill the business — that is, the customers. Taking over a allows you to have a stream of revenue from day one, and saves you the time, effort, and struggle you need to go through when starting from scratch.

One of the disadvantages is you pay a high price for goodwill, and once a business is moving in one direction, it may be difficult to steer it in a new direction.

Another issue you need to look at is you may inherit the existing debt and liabilities of the business, along with its reputation. Keep this in mind if you plan on buying an existing business.


You may have all the above covered, and you’re raring to go, but do you have the funding to start and keep running until it becomes profitable? Getting financing to start a business isn’t easy without substantial collateral.

The success rate of a new business is low, and many banks see startup loans as high-risk. So, you can’t depend on walking into a bank and walking out with the loan you need to get started. See the section on business loans below.

For more on starting your dance studio, have a look at the unique collection of resources I have put together that will give you a strong overview of the industry and what you can expect from this type of business.


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