How To Start An Epoxy Flooring Business

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A Collection of Resources Related To Starting  An Epoxy Flooring Business

How To Start An Epoxy Flooring Business

In this post you’ll find a variety of expert tips, articles, and resources related to starting your own epoxy flooring business, but first, a few brief points to consider.

If you’re interested in creating beautiful durable floors for homes and businesses, then an epoxy flooring business is an option you can look into.

Epoxy flooring is a popular way to add durability and aesthetics to a floor. You can even add designs incorporated into the floor for an artistic look.

As a business owner, you’ll want to focus on a few key issues like:

        • Offering competitive pricing
        • Giving accurate estimates
        • Offer robust guarantees
        • Being on time for meetings and job completion
        • Account for issues that may come during the work that can cost you more money and delay job completion
        • More In the resources to follow

You must be good at assessing the condition of the floor that needs repairing. You may be grinding down old floors to prepare for the new epoxy and you must make sure the site is blocked off until the epoxy cures. Once the job is complete, ensuring everything is spotless will leave a good impression on your client.

As with any business you are considering you need to look into a few issues before you start.

You want to make sure there is a demand for your flooring business, in the area you’re planning to open. if there is no demand then there is no use to open in that area.

On the other hand, you want to make sure the market is not saturated because it will be hard to compete as newcomer unless you have something to offer that the market wants and no one else can offer.

One more important issue to consider is you need to be doing something you enjoy. If you’re going to start a new business, start something you enjoy doing, don’t start a business just for the money, because when problems arise you’ll be looking for a way out rather than looking for a solution.

Ask yourself this question, “Is this a business I can see myself running for the rest of my life?” If the answer is no, you will want to rethink your choice.

Have a look at the selection of resources I have selected for this post organized in the following sections.

Sections Included In This Post:

      • How To Start An Epoxy Flooring
      • Is Running A Business The Right Move For You?
      • Business Startup Checklist
      • Epoxy Flooring Courses
      • Epoxy Flooring Trends and Statistics
      • Epoxy Flooring Software
      • Epoxy Flooring Equipment
      • Epoxy Flooring Article Mix
      • Skill Set Needed To Run An Epoxy Flooring
      • How To Finance Your Epoxy Flooring
      • Licenses Needed To Run An Epoxy Flooring
      • Epoxy Flooring Business Insurance
      • Business Plan
      • Marketing Plan
      • Business Cards
      • Business Logo
      • Epoxy Flooring Office Equipment
      • Epoxy Flooring Blogs To Follow
      • Epoxy Flooring Glossaries
      • Epoxy Flooring Businesses For Sale
      • Epoxy Flooring Franchise Opportunities
      • Books
      • The Latest about Epoxy Flooring
      • Tweets Related To Epoxy Flooring
      • Videos Related To Epoxy Flooring

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How To Start An Epoxy Flooring

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Is Running A Business The Right Move For You?

This section will give you insights that help determine if running a business is right for you.

Running a business is not for everyone. Owning a business is a dream for many people. It offers the chance of working your own hours, being your own boss, achieving financial freedom, and more.

It’s great to focus on all the benefits, but at the same time, you need to be aware of the difficulties involved in running a business.

Some people turn their passion into a business only to find they love what they are doing, but they don’t like the process of running a business.

Others enjoy running a business no matter what it’s about. Their passion is the process of running their own business.

See the following resources that will give you insights as to what’s best for you.

See Our Page For The Steps You Need To Consider When Starting A Business

Business Startup Checklist

This section offers checklists that you need when you’re starting a business. There are a few major issues that need attention and hundreds of small details.

Your major focus is to be up and running and generating revenue. It’s hard keeping track of the little things. That’s where startup checklists can help you manage everything and avoid missing anything important.

See the link below for the list of resources I have selected for some useful startup checklists!

See Our Page For Checklists You Need When Starting A Business

Epoxy Flooring Courses

This section focuses on business courses. No matter how much you know about running a business, you can always learn more.

Learning and improving is part of life.

As a business owner, you should always be looking for ways to stay on top, improving the way you manage, reducing cost, improving efficiency, marketing, accounting, and more.

You learn a lot through experience, but that takes years to acquire. You can reduce that time by learning from others.

There are a lot of business courses on the market that you can benefit from starting today.

You don’t need to go through each course in one day – you can set 30 minutes a day to study. In around 20 days, this will become a habit. When it becomes a habit, it will feel natural.

Let’s move forward a few years. How much knowledge will you have gained from that 30 minutes a day spent learning?

Have a look at following resources for the list of courses that can help you in with your startup business.

Epoxy Resin Coating and Decorative Concrete Training Course, Class & Workshop | Contractors or Homeowners | Epoxy Resin Floor Coating

Epoxy School – Epoxy Training

Epoxy Training :: Polished Concrete University

Learn Epoxy Floors | LearnCoatings Training School

APF Training Seminars 2018 | APF Epoxy Events

Polished Concrete and Epoxy Flooring Training

Epoxy Flooring Trends and Statistics

Trends and statistics give you data you can use to make decisions about your startup.

Looking at statistics will allow you to determine if there is a decline, spike, or no change in the market.

Trends allow you to prepare for short and long-term changes in the market.

With trends and statistics, you may be able to identify any opportunities that may be missing in the marketplace.

Have a look at the resources offered below that offer trends and statistics related to this startup.

Flooring Installers in the US – Industry Data, Trends, Stats | IBISWorld

Flooring 2018 Market By: Industry Size, Growth, Trends, Analysis, Opportunities, and Forecasts to 2023 – MarketWatch

2019 Flooring Trends: This Year’s Top 5 Flooring Ideas – FlooringInc Blog

Scoring flooring: Industry stats for 2017 – Floor Covering News

Epoxy Flooring Software

Business software makes complex processes easy and effective. There is a lot of general software used in business like Microsoft Office and various accounting packages.

Have a look at the resources below for the software related to this startup.

JobNimbus: Flooring Software for Estimating, Scheduling, Management

Best Flooring Estimating Software – 2019 Reviews & Pricing

Epoxy Flooring Equipment

This section focuses on the equipment needed to start your business. You need to find a balance between the equipment you need that can do the job and the equipment you can afford.

Naturally, you can’t start a business with the wrong equipment. You need a balance between what can do the job and what is within your budget.

Have a look at the resources below for tips and insights regarding the business equipment you need for your startup.

Epoxy Flooring AppEpoxy Rollers, Brushes & Equipment licator Pack | GarageCoatings.com

Epoxy Flooring AppEpoxy Rollers, Brushes & Equipment licator Pack | GarageCoatings.com

Epoxy Application Tools & Supplies | bedrocksupplies.com

Concrete Flooring Supplies, Specialty Equipment & Chemicals | Jon-Don

Epoxy Flooring Article Mix

These articles caught my eye as I was doing my research and I wanted to include them to help you with this type of business. Have a look at the list below for the tips and insights they provide.

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Epoxy Floors – Blue and Green Tomorrow

Applications and Advantages of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring: What You Must Know & Should Avoid

Altra concrete Epoxy Flooring, Windsor, Chatham, Sarnia, London, Hamilton

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12 Tips for Maintaining Your Epoxy Floors

12 Tips for Maintaining Epoxy Flooring | Angie’s List

1240 Best Epoxy Flooring images in 2019 | Concrete Floor, Concrete Floors, Epoxy floor

How to Take Care of Indoor Epoxy Floors | Home Guides | SF Gate

How to Maintain a Clean Epoxy Floor – Brew Floors

Skill Set Needed To Run An Epoxy Flooring

This section deals with the skills you need to run this type of business. If you don’t have the skills, it’s not a problem most of the time because skills can be learned.

Even if you don’t have the skills but you have the budget, you can always hire someone with the skills to do the work and provide the services needed.

Have a look at the list below for more on the skills needed to run this type of business.

Skills Needed To Run A Business

How To Finance Your Epoxy Flooring

Have you given any thought as to how you’re going to finance your business? Financing a business is difficult due to the fact that most businesses fail in the first few years. Therefore, banks see a startup as a high-risk.

In order to get the right financing, you need to present your business plan and provide adequate collateral. Have a look below for the resources needed that will help you finance this type of business.

Business Loans

Licenses Needed To Run An Epoxy Flooring

This section focuses on the licenses required for this type of business.  When starting, you want to make sure you’re doing everything correctly and legally – especially when it comes to permits and licenses.

Have a look at the resources I have selected for this section to help you with the permits necessary for this type of business.

Do I Need A Contractors License For Epoxy Floors Epoxy Flooring

Licenses and Permits

Epoxy Flooring Business Insurance

Having the right insurance for your startup is very important. There are many types of insurance and you need adequate coverage for every aspect of your business. You need to make sure you’re covered for loss, damage liability, lawsuits, and other issues that can harm your business.

An experienced broker can help you get the right coverage and offer insurance for areas you haven’t considered.

Have a look at the resources I have selected for this section that will help you become more aware of the types of insurance you need for this startup.

How Much Is Business Insurance for Flooring Contractors? – Cost Estimates

Floor Covering Installers Insurance – Bolt Insurance

Flooring Contractor Insurance, Liability Insurance Flooring Installer

Business Insurance

Business Plan

Writing A Business Plan

Marketing Plan

Have a look at the resources I have selected for the section that will help you create a marketing plan for your startup.

Marketing Plan

Business Cards

Have a look at the samples I have selected below that for ideas on designing your business cards to see what design appeals to you.

See Our Resource For Creating Attractive Business Cards That Work

Business Logo

Your logo is important: it lasts for years and it’s what people will use to identify your business once your business becomes well-known.

There are many considerations when it comes to designing your logo. Have a look at the list of resources I have selected for this section that will help you create a logo that works well for your business.

See Our Resource For Tips To Create An Impressive Logo

Epoxy Flooring Office Equipment

What kind of business equipment do you need in your office? There are essentials and there are the things that people want for their office that come with all the bells and whistles.

When starting out, it’s a good idea to get only what you need to get started. Once your business is established and earning revenue, then you can upgrade your equipment and purchased the equipment you want.

You want to find a balance between getting equipment that will effectively do the job and costs.

You don’t want to pay for equipment that won’t do the job — that would be a waste. You pay for the cheap equipment and then pay for the good equipment. So, the cheap equipment ends up costing more than the better equipment.

Have a look at the resources I have selected for office equipment.

See Our List For The Equipment You May Need For Your Office

Epoxy Flooring Blogs To Follow

This section offers some popular blogs I have found related to your startup. Keeping track of industry-related blogs will help you stay on top of trends, news, marketing, industry tips, and more.

Takes some time on this section to see which blogs you want to follow.

Prestige Floor Coating – Our Blog

Blog – Epoxy Coating Specialists

Epoxy Flooring Blog

Epoxy Floor Coating Tips and Tricks

Epoxy Flooring Blog | All About Epoxy Flooring And More

Epoxy Central Blog | Epoxy Floor Coatings

Blog – Liquid Floors

Top 100 Flooring Blogs, Websites & Newsletters To Follow in 2019

Epoxy Flooring Glossaries

This section allows you to become familiar with all the industry terminology that you need to know as the owner of this startup.

Terminology will come naturally with time and experience. During the startup phase, it’s important that you are aware of the terminology.

Have a look at the resources I have found related to the terminology you need to become familiar with related to this industry.

Glossary of Terms – Epoxies Etc.

Epoxy Flooring Businesses For Sale

This section offers listings for established businesses that are for sale.

There are pros and cons to buying an established business versus starting your own.

A few of the pros included:

  • Revenue comes in from the day you take over.
  • The business comes with customers.
  • The business has a proven track record and you know it works, etc.

A few cons:

  • The good and the bad comes with the business.
  • It’s harder to change the direction of an established business vs a new business.
  • The cost of buying an established business is usually higher than starting your own, etc.

Flooring Service Businesses For Sale, 104 Flooring Service Businesses Available To Buy Now in the US

Garage Floor Coating Business Opportunity for Sale on BizQuest

Flooring Businesses for Sale | Transworld Business Advisors

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Buy a Decorative Stained Concrete and Epoxy Flooring Business For Sale | BusinessForSale.com

Epoxy Flooring Franchise Opportunities

There are pros and cons to owning a franchise over your own business.

Some of the pros include:

  • A proven business that works
  • An established business reputation
  • Established marketing

Some of the cons include:

  • You’re restricted in how you can run the business
  • Franchising costs

Have a look at the resources I have selected that offer the franchise related to this startup.

Franchising opportunity | REDRHINO: The Epoxy Flooring & Polished Concrete Company

National Epoxy Floors Opportunity Costs & Fees for 2019

Franchise Opportunities | GarageExperts

Franchise Opportunities | Become a Franchise Owner | Granite Garage Floors

Franchise Opportunities – GarageFloorCoating.com

BECOME AN INSTALLER – Amazing Garage Floors

Business Opportunities | Ultimate Garage Floors

Prestige Floor Coating Dealer Program | Garage Floor Coating Franchise Opportunities


Books From Amazon Related To Epoxy Flooring

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The Latest about Epoxy Flooring

This section provides resources that will help you stay on top of the latest news, web content, books, videos, and tweets related to this industry.

When you keep track of changes, you’ll always be informed about industry updates and gain ideas for ways to improve or protect your business with changes happening.

Have a look at each section below for more.

Google Searches

Latest Searches Related To Epoxy Flooring

Latest Scholar Searches Related To Epoxy Flooring

Latest Image Searches Related to Epoxy Flooring


Latest News Related To Epoxy Flooring


Tweets Related To Epoxy Flooring


Videos Related To Epoxy Flooring