How to Start a Handyman Business With These Select Resources

September 6, 2018 671 views

A Collection of Resources Related to Starting a Handyman Business

This page contains a collection of articles I have selected to give you an overall understanding of owning and running a handyman business, but first, a few brief points to consider.

If you’re good at fixing things around the house, enjoy doing it, and are ready to make a career out of it, then starting a handyman business could be a good startup choice for you.

There’s always a demand for handyman work. You want to make sure there’s enough demand in the area you’re considering. You also want to make sure the market is not saturated.

Here Are a  Few Points to Keep In Mind:

  • As a handyman you have different tasks all the time there’s nothing standard about what jobs you will work on.
  • You want to make sure you quote as accurately as possible.
  • For jobs that can’t be estimated, let the client know the hourly rate and keep a strict log of hours.
  • Be on time! One of the things people hate is waiting for a contractor.
  • There will be issues you’re not familiar with, be sure to research the fix before starting
  • If there are issues beyond your skills, have a professional come while you supervise.
  • You may want to set up some joint ventures for projects out of your scope, this way you still deal with the job but you subcontract the work and still get the job done for your client.


Have a look at the extensive resources included in this post. Take some time to go over the tips and articles to get a strong overview of what it’s like to have your own handyman business.

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