How to Start a Kids Party Planning Business

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A Quick Overview of Starting a Kids Party Planning Business


A normal day may start with early morning preparations for an afternoon party, you might prepare meals, snacks, and the cake. After all the preparations are done and you have packed them securely and neatly in your vehicle you’re off to the party to begin setting up.

You may have to coordinate with the caterer and any other entertainment that will be there, like clowns. After the party, you will have to tear down your equipment and return home.


There are a few things to consider before you start this business. First, decide whether or not to have an office and shop. Having a commercial location will bring credibility and give you a place to showcase and store your equipment. However, it can be expensive to rent or buy commercial property.

Also, consider the different services you plan to offer. You may only supply games and activities and coordinate with other party professionals such as clowns or face painters. You may want to work with a caterer and times for older kids, supply a DJ. The more options you provide, the more business you can bring in; however, special equipment can be expensive to purchase.

Finally, consider getting into a franchise like Oogles n Googles. This can cost some money upfront but gives you name recognition and a proven business model.

Skill Set:

  • Scheduling
  • Coordinating
  • Choosing the right party supplies
  • Loading, unloading and setting up equipment tables and chairs
  • Meal and snack preparation
  • Catering skills
  • Face painting or clowning (possibly)
  • Working with parents
  • Ability to work well with children
  • A high level of creativity and imagination
  • Know space requirements for certain events
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Patience
  • Fun personality
  • Common Business Skills

Employee Considerations:

Hours of Operation:

Children’s parties usually take place on weekends and normally last 4 to 5 hours. However, you may have a shop open during normal business hours such as 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Setup can take about 1-2 hours and the same goes for the cleanup, and additional hours are taken during the week for administrative tasks and meetings with clients.

Equipment and Supplies:

  • Activity supplies
  • Food
  • Cleanup equipment
  • Tables and chairs
  • Vans and trucks to transport tables, chairs, bouncy castles, etc.
  • Themed presentation materials
  • Warehouse or storage facility
  • Helium for blowing up balloons
  • Air compressor for blow-up toys and tents
  • Costumes
  • Essential office equipment

Monthly Expenses:

In addition to our list of common business expenses, your party planning business will require a budget for the ongoing cost of, equipment rental fees, food, activities, supplies, permits, etc.


You may need a catering license, as well as passing health inspection requirements if you are catering and serving the food and drinks yourself


Speak to a qualified insurance broker and make sure you have the right insurance for this business. For example, if you are providing rides, bouncy castles, tables, chairs, and anything that someone uses that you own and they get hurt you can be held liable. If you serve food and someone gets sick you can be liable. You want to make sure you’re covered for all liability, damage, and accidents that may occur.

See Our Page on Licenses and Permits

Approximate Minimum Startup Cost:

Entrepreneur Magazine estimates that the average startup costs for a children’s party planning business may be less than $2,000 USD.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros:

  • High Demand
  • It’s fun
  • It can grow into other, complementary services
  • Flexible hours
  • You can run it part-time

The Cons:

  • Kids can be hard to handle and kept from being bored
  • Weekend hours are your primary work hours
  • It can be slow and/or competitive depending on your area and the economic climate

Type of Customers You Need to Attract:

Your customers will be parents with kids that have special occasions. You can reach some of your potential customers by sending out brochures to parents in your area. Write fun, informative articles for local newspapers. Get a local radio interview on how to keep your kids occupied during the summer. Place ads in local publications.


According to White Hutchinson Leisure and Learning Group, the children’s party planning business is a multimillion-dollar a year business which has seen a 20% increase in annual spending in the last 15 years.


According to foundvalue.com, the fee for a basic party can start at $500 USD, while more extravagant parties can exceed $3,000 USD.


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