How to Start an Office Cleaning Business

June 28, 2018 129 views

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A Quick Summary of The Office Cleaning Business

The owner of an office cleaning business must first visit the office to get an overview of the job.

Often the business owner will have a list of areas that they want to be cleaned.

Cleaning tasks include emptying all of the trash cans and replacing trash bags throughout the office. In the bathrooms, the cleaner washes, counters, sinks, floors walls, ect.

The mirrors are cleaned with glass cleaner and a rag. Toilets are typically scrubbed with a toilet brush and the outside wiped with a rag. Also, dust all of the surfaces, and vacuum and mop all of the floors.

Skill Set:

  • You must deal with cleaning solutions
  • You must make sure everything is done in a lawful and ethical manner
  • Dispose of garbage and other waste lawfully
  • You must sometimes lift heavy items
  • List of Common Business Skills
Employee & Job Consideration During The Start-Up Phase Or In The Future:
Approximate Daily Hours Needed:

Evening hours as well as regular 9-5 hours

Equipment, Supplies, & Services During Start-up OR In The Future:
  • Trash cans and liners
  • Mops and brooms
  • Cleaning solutions
  • Rags and towels
  • Vacuum
  • Vehicle
  • Wet-dry vacuum
  • Floor Buffer
  • Window cleaning tools and supplies
  • Dedicated van(s) or truck(s)
  • Steam cleaners for carpets and drapes
  • List of Essential office Equipment
Monthly Expenses To Consider:

You should be bondable to gain trust from your clients and put their minds at ease especially if you are working in offices after hours.

See Our Page on Licenses and Permits

Approximate Minimum Startup Cost:

To start this type of business you’ll need between $1,000 and $10,000 for cleaning supplies &, equipment.

Expansion can cost $10,000 to $100,000. With this amount of funding, you’ll be off to a good start by hiring a crew, buying better equipment, equipping your main facility, buying trucks or vans, and having some operating money to run and market your business.

Special Requirements:

Consider becoming bonded liability insurance.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros:

  • You can work in solitude
  • You set your daily, weekly, and monthly work schedule
  • You can offer additional services such as before- and after-party clean-up
  • Low start-up costs
  • A high demand

The Cons:

  • Clients can hover over you as you work if during regular business hours
  • You can be held liable for stolen or broken items (hence the need for bonding and insurance)
  • Physically demanding work
  • Your work may be after-hours business hours and well into the night
Type of Customers You Need to Attract:

The customers you will want to attract are small to large business owners. Also consider passing out cards to commercial builders, new home builders, and shopping malls.


For a variety of statistical information, go to Valuation Services.


Office cleaning can be quite lucrative. Depending on how much you work and for whom, monthly income can start as high as $2,000 per month.