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Select Resources For Starting An ATV Rental Business

If you locate your business in a good location, with a healthy market for ATV rentals and offer the right services for the market, then this type of business can be successful and profitable.

Finding the balance of how many ATVs to keep on hand will be one of the keys to success.

If you have too many ATVs sitting then you have a lot of money invested and no returns. If you don’t have enough ATVs for rent then there is lost opportunity.

Your initial investment in purchasing ATVs and setting up shop will be your highest investment. After your business is set up, your main operating cost will be the maintenance of your ATVs, that’s if you don’t hire a lot of people and have a decent lease or mortgage payment.

Have a look at all the resources below organized in sections that will give you an overview of this type of business.

How To Start An ATV Rental Business

The articles below will give you an overview of what you need to consider when starting your own ATV rental business. I would suggest going through each of them. Although they are on the same topic each has it’s own viewpoint.

How to Start an ATV Rental Business | Bizfluent

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How to Start an ATV Tour Business – Becoming an Entrepreneur

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Starting an ATV Rental Business

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Creating an Ethical, Sustainable ATV business

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ATV Rental Business Trends and Statistics

Looking at trend and statics will allow you to identify potential problems as well as opportunities for this type of business. You can also see if there is market growth or decline.

All Terrain Vehicle Market Share – ATV Industry Statistics Report 2024

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ATV Manufacturing in the US. Industry Market Research Reports, Trends, Statistics, Data, Forecasts

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ATV Rental Business Insurance

One very important point for running this type of business is to make sure you have the proper insurance. There are all types of people using your ATV’s, you want to make sure you are covered in case of an accident.

Ignoring the right insurance will destroy your business and will have ramification on your personal life. See the following pages related to ATV Rental insurance.

ATV Tour | ATV Operator | Insurance | Cost & Quote | Outdoor Insurance Group

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ATV Rental Insurance – Evolution Insurance Brokers

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Snowmobile / ATV Rental Business Insurance | DC Insurers-Montrose

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ATV Tour & Adventure Insurance | Veracity

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ATV Rental Business Software

Keeping track of your rentals, schedules, and bookings can be demanding. Get the right software that will assist you in streamlining the day-to-day task of an ATV rental business.

Online Reservation System for ATV Tours & Rentals | FareHarbor

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ATV Rental Booking Software | GigaBook

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Booking system and rental software for vehicles – SCOOTERPLAN.NET

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You may want to consider a software package that will allow you to manage; rentals, accounting, payroll, and ATV maintenance. Search For More ATV Rental Business Software Here

ATV Rental Business Blogs And Publications

Having a collection of publications related to the ATVs will help you stay up to date on industry changes as well as helping you come up with new ideas to enhance your business and keep it healthy.

See the publications below related to the ATV Industry.

Yanmar to Sell Rebranded Yamaha Viking UTVs


ATV Scene Magazine – ATV Reviews, Gear, News, Racing and more


ATV World Magazine – North America’s Best ATVing Magazine

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Dirt Wheels Magazine




ATV Rental Business Franchise Opportunities

Starting a business from scratch may be challenging. A way around this is finding a franchise that offers the business model you are interested in.

A franchise has its pros and cons. The main advantage of owning a franchise is that it’s already known in the market place with a proven business plan that works well.

One disadvantage is that you are restricted as to how you operate the business, as well as limitations for the products and services you can offer your customers. Another disadvantage is the franchise fees may be ongoing.

See below for the franchises available for the ATV industry.

Franchise FAQs | TRAX PowerSports Rentals

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