How to Start an ATV Dealership Using These Tips and Insights

November 15, 2018 884 views

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A Collection of Articles Related to Starting Your Own ATV Dealership

So, you’re considering starting your own ATV dealership. This post offer tips insights and an abundance of resources that offer an overview of what you need to start your dealership.

Below you’ll find a few issues to consider before you get to the resource section.

Are You Interested in This Type of Business?

To be successful in any type of business, you need to start it for the right reasons. If you just want to start a business for the money, you won’t be as successful as starting a business because you are passionate about the products and services your business offers.

Make sure you want to start an ATV dealership because you have an interest and passion for ATVs and the experience people have while using them for recreation, racing, or as a utility vehicle.

Another factor that may reveal how dedicated and passionate you are about owning a dealership is to ask yourself a simple question: If I had all the money I ever needed for the rest of my life, would I start and run my ATV dealership for free?

If you answered yes, then you do possess a passion for this type of business. If you answered no, then you are focused on the income and lifestyle a successful dealership can provide.

Naturally, a strong passion will drive success, and when problems appear, you’ll look for solutions to rectify the problem. If you’re not passionate about the business you are in, when problems occur, you’ll start thinking of ways to get rid of the business.

Is There A Demand For ATVs In The Area?

If there is no demand for ATVs in the area you’re planning to open, there is no reason to open in that area.

You may need to put your dealership in an area where there is demand, but keep in mind, if there are a lot of dealerships open in the area, you may have to compete in a saturated market. It’s tough to establish a dealership in an area where there is little demand or too many businesses competing for customers.

When you must compete against an established dealer, unless you offer something that isn’t available in the current market, it will be a challenge to gain any market share.

How Will You Compete?

A lot of businesses compete in terms of price to gain market share; others compete on value. Will you slash your prices? And if so, will you still be able to make a profit that will keep your dealership doors open? Or will the profit margin be too low for you to compete on price? This is something you need to consider when you create your business plan.

It would help your business if you could compete on price with added value, but you need to have a strong enough profit margin to do so.

What Brand of ATV Will You Offer?

Have you considered the brand of ATVs you will provide? There are many well-known brands on the market, and unless you open a used dealership, your new ATV will be from one manufacturer.

Do You Qualify To Become A Dealer?

To become an ATV authorized dealer, you need to apply and meet specific criteria. Think of a dealership like a fast-food franchise.

You need to run the business according to rules and regulations set by the company. You can’t open a storefront of your choosing and start selling and servicing ATVs.

You must play by the manufacturer’s rules. For more on this, see the resources below offering applications to start a Powersports dealership.

Bombardier Recreational Products —  Can-Am ATV Dealer Program

Honda ATV dealer program

Polaris ATV dealer program

Yamaha ATV dealer program

Become a Certified CFMOTO Dealer | CFMOTO USA

Apply for A Powersports dealership Google Search

Can You Finance Your Dealership?

To run your dealership and stay in business, you need to finance the ATVs. Let’s do some math. If you have 150 ATVs on your lot to choose from, each averaging around $7,500, you’ll need over a million dollars for an inventory of that size.

The way to finance this is what is called “Floor Plan Financing,” which is a finance plan that allows for short-term financing. For example, you may pay $2.00 a day in interest on an ATV that costs you $7,500. That is one reason dealers want to sell as many vehicles they can to reduce the finance charges.

There are a lot of issues to consider when starting a business. The above were just a few considerations.

Have a look further down the page for the resources I have collected related to ATVs and starting your ATV dealership.

The benefit of gathering these tips and articles from different authors is you’ll get a comprehensive overview of what’s needed to start your ATV dealership and where to look for more detailed information.

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