How To Start an ATV Repair Business

An ATV in a repair shop

ATV Repair Business Resources

If you have an interest in ATVs and are good with repairs while having some business knowledge, then starting a business servicing ATVs could be a viable business opportunity for you.

With any business you’re considering, make sure that you’re starting your business for the right reasons.

One key to business success is having a passion for the business you own. When you are passionate about your business and passionate about working on ATVs, then that’s a step in the right direction. You’ll find solutions to problems when they appear. When you’re not passionate about your company and problems arise, you tend to look for an exit rather than a solution.

With any repair business, excellent service is one of the keys to success. Customers come to your shop with problems, and if you can solve those problems effectively and at a reasonable price, you could find yourself with more business than you can handle.

ATVs, like other vehicles, need maintenance and repairs. This service is always in demand when there are many ATV owners in the area. If there aren’t many, then your chances of success are slim.

Once you have a location set, a place to work, and invested in your startup cost, your monthly expenses are minimal, especially if you’re performing all the repairs yourself.

You can get started with a general toolset, although an ATV lift will come in handy and make your repairs quicker and more efficient. As you get busier you can start to get any special tools you need.

You can also specialize in the repair of a specific type of ATV. When you’re a specialist, you can charge more because of your expertise; you will be equipped to handle any job required for that type of ATV.

With this type of business model, it would be a good idea to earn any necessary certification for the brand. You’ll also want to make sure you have all the specialized tools required to repair that brand of ATV.

You can also create packages that keep your shop busy; for example, you can create maintenance programs for your customers. These maintenance programs might include oil changes and regularly scheduled checkups on suspension, brakes, and engines; you can offer discounts if issues are found during these inspections.

Also, when a customer is on a maintenance plan, you’ll be able to identify future problems because of everyday wear and tear. Identifying future problems can keep your shop busy.

Another option you could offer in addition to repairs is customization services, which could include suspension and performance upgrades.

Once you have a strong customer base, you could expand your business by offering performance parts as well as parts that are used consistently by your customers. Expanding into the retail sales of ATV parts helps keep revenue and profits flowing.

For the ins and outs of starting an ATV repair business, have a look at the collection of articles I have included below. Keep in mind these articles are written by a variety of authors, and that will give you a firm overview of what you need to start your ATV repair business on the right track.

Steps To Start an ATV Repair Business

The steps to starting almost any small business are very similar. For example; researching your business idea, writing a business plan, funding your business, choosing a location. etc.

Instead of repeating the same steps in this post, I have put together an article for all the details, plus some very important points you will want to consider before you start any business. See The Essential Steps To Start a Business for all the details you’ll need.