How To Start A Biodiesel Business – Resources You’ll Surely Need

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A Collection of Resources Related To Biodiesel Businesses

You’ll find a selection of hand-picked, articles, and resource pages provided by a variety of authors I wanted to include in this post to give you an overview of what it takes to start a biodiesel business, but first, a few brief points to consider.

Starting a biodiesel business is not an easy process. Though the concept is simple which is using, used cooking oil, soybean oil, or animal fats to create fuel for diesel engines. The process is highly technical.

The emissions from biodiesel are cleaner and better for the environment. Compared to regular diesel fuel. It is more expensive at the pump due to a number of variables.

If you are planning on this type of business, you need to be clear about your intentions. Are you in it for the money, or are you considering the environment? How large is your plant going to be, a small refining processor, or a larger refinery? Will your business compete with the larger energy companies or are you planning a on a small scale operation?

A nationwide operation will require a significant amount of funding as well as a sustainable market to sell your fuel.

With any business your considering there are a few issues you need to research, for example, you need to research the market. If there is no market or a weak market for Biodiesel then its no use in starting this type of business.

Have a look at the unique collection of resources that will give you an overview of what’s needed to start a biodiesel business.


How To Start A Biodiesel Business

Biodiesel – How To Start A Business That Converts Used Cooking Vegetable Oil Into Diesel Fuel, And Get Paid For It! – Smallstarter Africa

What does it take to start a biodiesel industry?

Start Making Your Own Fuel! – Utah Biodiesel Supply

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Trends and Statistics

Biofuels global market size 2016-2023 | Statista

Major biodiesel producing countries 2018 | Statista

USDA ERS – U.S. Bioenergy Statistics

26 Biofuel Industry Statistics and Trends – BrandonGaille.com

Profitability and Revenue

The Profitability of Biodiesel Production in 2016 • farmdoc daily

Tracking Biodiesel Profitability

Startup and Operating Costs

Advanced Biofuels Cost of Production

Licenses Needed To Start A Business

Latest Search Results Related To Biodiesel Permits and Licensing

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Business Insurance

Biodiesel Property Insurance- If you have it, do whatever you have to, to keep it! – Lee Enterprises Consulting, Inc.

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How To Finance Your Business

loans – Advanced BioFuels USA

Economic Development and Finance: Bank of North Dakota

Programs & Services for Businesses | USDA Rural Development

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Business Plan

(PDF) A Business Plan for a Biodiesel Company

TheFinanceResource.com – Free Biodiesel Plant Business Plan

Biodiesel Business Plan | Ampure Capital

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Business Cards

New biodiesel company needs corporate identity; logo, cards etc. | 28 Business Card Designs for Performance Biofuels Inc.

Biofuel Business Card Template, Layout. Download Biofuel Business Card Template Designs 03288 | PoweredTemplate.com

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BioDiesel logo design – 48HoursLogo.com

Biofuel Logo #GraphicRiver Biofuel is a logo that can be used by producers of biofuels, biofuels vending companies, laboratories sp… | Logo templates, Logos, Lettering

Classy Logo Needed: Biodiesel and Organic Vegetable Oil Company | Logo design contest

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Biodiesel Equipment-What is needed to make Biodiesel? |

Economics of Small-Scale Biodiesel Production – Farm Energy


Biofuels Maintenance Software | MAPCON Bio-Fuels Maintenance Software

Intellego™ Biofuels ERP Software – Christianson PLLP

Open Biodiesel | Opensource.com

Office Equipment Considerations

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Biodiesel Businesses For Sale

Energy and Petroleum Production Businesses For Sale – BizBuySell.com

Is Running A Business The Right Move For You?

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Business Startup Checklist

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Biodiesel Businesses

10 Biofuels Companies You Need to Know About

Article Mix

Rise of Biodiesel: New Alternative Fuel, New Taxation Challenges – Avalara

Making Your Own Biodiesel: Brief Procedures and Safety Precautions

Int’l Biomass Conference and Expo

How 3 biodiesel companies defy the odds in a challenging industry | GreenBiz

Make your own gas by buying a biodiesel franchise – Nov. 22, 2006

The Rise and Imminent Fall of Biodiesel

Diesel vs. Biodiesel vs. Vegetable Oil | Homegrown Fuels – Consumer Reports

Senators propose bill to extend biodiesel, other expired tax provisions – Reuters

Why Biofuels Can’t Replace Oil


Online Courses – Advanced BioFuels USA


Biofuels Digest

Sustainability Blog Archives – Biodiesel Sustainability Blog

Blogging For Biofuels


Biodiesel Magazine – The Latest News and Data About Biodiesel Production

Home | Biofuels International Magazine

Biofuels Digest


Biofuels – Glossary of Terms

A handy biofuels glossary, and videos to boot | Grist

FAPC-149 Biodiesel Glossary » OSU Fact Sheets

Biodiesel Glossary | Biodiesel Library


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