How To Start A Children’s Transportation Business

June 23, 2018 2973 views

The Ins and Outs of Starting A Children’s Transportation Business


A typical day may require you to pick up several kids and take them to preschool. Later you may need to take kids to little league soccer or baseball practice, or to karate class or even a dentist appointment, etc.

This type of service is required for any child activity that does not provide its own form of transportation. It is also a child-centered alternative to public transportation or a taxi.


You will need to consider several things before starting. First, decide on the type and size of vehicle you will need. Mini-vans are easy to handle but limit the number of passengers. Small buses can carry many passengers but may require special licensing to operate.

Next, consider your area. Heavily populated areas like inner cities give access to large numbers of clients and shorter distances to travel, however, you will have to deal with more traffic.


  • You will need a clean driver’s license and depending on the size of the vehicle and number of passengers you have you may require a different type of license. Check with local authorities for the regulations in your area. You’ll also need a background check.
  • See Our Page on business Licenses and Permits


Don’t depend on the insurance you have for your personal vehicle, because you are running a business. If you have an accident while using your personal vehicle and charging fares, your insurance is void. You must get the right insurance before you take on any fares.

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