How to Start a Laundromat With These Unique Resources

A Collection of Articles and Resources Related to Starting a Laundromat

This page contains a collection of articles to give you an overall understanding of starting and running a laundromat, but first, a few brief points to think about.

A laundromat is one of those businesses that runs itself once it’s set up and running. That doesn’t mean it’s fully automated, but it’s the type of business where you can check on, but don’t have to be there 24 /7.

Whenever deciding on a business you want to address questions that will come up.

Here are a few questions to consider:

  • Is there a demand for a laundromat in the location I’m considering?
  • Are there a lot of competitors in the area?
  • What can I offer that the competition Is missing?
  • Where will I get the financing to open my laundromat?
  • Where will I purchase the equipment for a laundromat?
  • What will my monthly expenses be like?
  • Will I purchase new or used equipment?
  • Do I have the skills to run a business?
  • How will I get the word out about my grand opening?
  • How will I market my laundromat?
  • More in the resources to follow.

Have a look at the resources I have included in this post that will give you an overview of what you need and what it’s like to own and operate your own laundromat.


What it’s Like Running A Laundromat

What to Expect When Buying A Laundromat: 6 Things You’ll Want to Consider | Card Concepts Inc.

A Day In The Life

The Day to Day Operations of Running a Laundromat by Steve Erlinger

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Pros and Cons

To Buy or Build: The Pros & Cons of Buying an Existing Laundromat vs. Building Your Own | Card Concepts Inc.

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How To Start A Laundromat

How to Start a Coin-Operated Laundry

Starting a Laundromat Business – Laundrylux – US & Canada

How to Start a Laundromat Business | Owning a Coin-Operated Laundry Business

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Startup Costs

We Bought a Laundromat…and It’s All About the Numbers | Laundromats101

The Unexpected Costs Of Running A Laundromat – United Capital Source

Profitability and Revenue

How Profitable Is a Laundromat Business? – KeeWes

How to Calculate Laundromat Business Profits | Bizfluent


Trends in the Laundry Industry – KeeWes Laundry Equipment

Marketing Tips

Laundromat Marketing Tips – Laundrylux

5 Marketing Tips for Laundromats from Pittsburgh Laundry Systems

How to Grow Your Laundromat Customer Base

Do Your Research: Know Your Customers and Their Neighborhood – Laundrylux

Insights For Running A Laundromat

Your guide to making your laundry more profitable.

It’s Time to Take Control (Conclusion) | American Coin-Op

Skill Set

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Laundry Insurance | Property Insurance | Liability | Workers Compensation

Business Insurance – Laundry & Dry Cleaning – Allstate

Business Plan

Laundromat Business Plan Sample – Executive Summary | Bplans

Marketing Plan

Laundromat Sample Marketing Plan – Marketing Strategy – Mplans

Business Cards

Laundromat Cards Templates & Designs | Vistaprint

Businesses For Sale

Laundromats and Coin Laundry Businesses For Sale –

Coin Laundry and Laundromat Businesses for Sale | Buy Coin Laundry and Laundromat Businesses at BizQuest

Franchise Opportunities

Maytag Commercial Laundry Business Information |


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