Use These Unique Resources to Start a Moving Business

June 23, 2020 1593 views

How To Start a Moving Business

In this post, you’ll find several issues you’ll need to consider before deciding to start a moving business.

You’ll find a lot of articles and resources to help you research your business idea. You’ll have a broad overview of what you can expect from operating this kind of business.

Before you get to the resource section further down the page, let’s go over the issues you need to consider.

Moving Business Insights

Some Interesting Facts From MoveBuddha

  • Average Americans move around 11 times in their lifetime. In 2019 around 10% of the United States population moved.
  • Close to three million people in the United States move from state to state every year.
  • The busiest time of the year for people moving is in the summer with June, July, and August as the most active months.
  • The slowest time of the year is in the winter, with December and January showing the slowest activity.
  • The busiest day for moving is Friday, and the slowest being Sunday. Hint, you can give special rates on Sundays and during the winter months.
  • Interstate moves are in the $4,000 price range. While moving in the same state averages around one thousand dollars.

A Break Down of the Kind of Customers You May Encounter

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