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Acey Gaspard's Guide to Starting a Small Business - Made Simple

Three Way to Make Your Business Original

Image of the sign with the word original
Find out how you can come up with an original business with these three easy steps.

Buy A Business or Build one From Scratch?

Image of a pizzeria business storefront
Should you start a new business or buy an existing one? Here's what to consider and help you decide.

Choosing the Best Location for Your Business

Image of a address on a sign
What to focus on when looking for a business location. Get it right and your business may succeed, get it wrong and you may fail.

Selecting a Good Name for Your Business

Image of a vintage gas station sign
A good business name attracts good business! Here's how to select a first-class name for your business.

The Setup of Your Office

Image of a man's office on a park bench
Find out how you can set up a fully functioning and well-organized office that's helpful for running your business.

Play by the Rules – It’s the Only Safe Way to...

Image of a referee
Avoid the headaches of running afoul of the law. Take the time to know the rules and regulations in your area.

Here’s Where You Need To Watch Your Spending As A Startup

Image of a cafe
Spending too much on things that you don't need can easily put your business in the red, especially as a startup.

Estimating Startup Costs – Are You Missing Anything?

Image of a jean pocket holding credit cards
Use this handy list to help determine your business startup and operating costs.

Start-up Capital: How To Get The Money You Need For Your...

Image of a gambling table
Here are simple ways to get cash for your business in the startup phase.

How and Where Will You Get Your Customers?

Image of businesses on a street
Have you considered where you'll find customers for your new business? Here are some idea's