Here’s What to Know About Starting A Bridal Boutique

June 23, 2018 1238 views

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How To Start A Bridal Boutique

Even during a slow economy, people are always going to be getting married.

This isn’t really a market that comes and goes. People get married every day, and there will always be a lot of potential customers no matter where you set up shop.

You should decide what segment of the bridal business you’d like to take part in.

For example, you may want to become a retailer, selling and tailoring dresses for brides to be, or you may want to put your design and sewing skills to use and create wedding dresses. There is a wealth of opportunity in the bridal industry.

When selecting dresses for your stock, keep an eye on fashion trends. (As of the time of this writing, strapless wedding dresses seem to be in vogue, but don’t count on that remaining true by the time you read this!) Keep up to date in the bridal world.

Working in the bridal industry requires a bit of a passion for fashion, but keep a wide variety in stock so that your selection can appeal to a wide variety of customers.

If you’re talented enough to create wedding dresses from scratch, you’re looking at cutting your startup costs for your inventory in half. The bare materials of a wedding dress can cost literally hundreds of dollars less than the completed dress.

You will, of course, have to be willing to invest more time than you would if you simply bought your stock from bridal gown distributors, but really, this can be the true profit.

Something that’s been in vogue lately, and looks like it’s here to stay, is the custom bridal dress industry. There are billions of women in the world, and every bride has her own idea of the ideal wedding dress. If you have the imagination and skill to pull it off, custom wedding dresses might be perfect for you.

Skill Set:

  • Ability to work with nervous people
  • Patience and ability to create strict deadlines and reschedule when necessary
  • Helpful, easy-going nature is desirable
  • High attention to detail, organization, prioritizing skills
  • The ability to work under pressure
  • Meet strict deadlines
  • Common Business Skills

Employee and Job Consideration During The Start-Up Phase or In The Future:

Approximate Daily Hours Needed:

If you have a retail shop, you will hold general retail hours; however, if you have a home business or operate online, your hours will fluctuate according to tasks.

Equipment, Supplies, & Services During Start-up OR In The Future:

  • Camera
  • Fitting room equipped with a large area for viewing the bride as she tries on dresses
  • Photo studio
  • Essential Office Equipment
  • List of General Retail Equipment

Monthly Expenses and Operating Costs To Consider:

In addition to our list of common business expenses, your bridal boutique will require a budget for the ongoing cost of acquiring dresses and accessories.


See Our Page on Licenses and Permits

Approximate Minimum Startup Cost:

Bare essential – The startup costs for setting up a small shop depends greatly from location to location and depending on your goals, but you probably won’t need much more than a modestly sized location to start (you can upgrade later) and a decent collection of dresses and other items.

Your startup cost will depend on the cost of your location and the inventory you plan to start with.

Tips and Considerations:

  • Constantly keep your knowledge of wedding trends and etiquette up-to-date. Read magazines and visit wedding blogs and online groups to keep you up to date on various trends in the wedding industry.
  • You also need to learn about wedding and reception decorations, starting with flowers. Catch up on the latest trends in wedding attire.
  • Take time to attend other weddings in order to learn other great ideas that you can use in your business, as well as the big mistakes and fiascoes that you need to avoid. Attending bridal shows is also useful. Be sure to collect your ideas and record them.
  • If you want to deal in retail, selling online can be great, but bridal business customers often prefer to be able to try things on and talk one-on-one with the retailer.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros:

  • It is an exciting and lucrative business
  • Extremely easy to expand into other bridal industry niches
  • Can be worked in cooperation with wedding planners, florists, and banquet services

The Cons:

  • Has a tendency to be seasonal
  • You deal with people with fluctuating emotions
  • Can be highly competitive


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