How to Start a Snow Removal Business: Resources Included

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Tips and Insights You’ll Need to Start and Run a Snow Removal Business

In this post, you’ll find a vast and unique collection of resources to help you when starting and running a snow removal business. Various authors produce these resources, giving you a wide perspective of starting and running your snow removal business.

Before you get to the resource section further down the page, let’s go over a few important issues for you to review before you start your business.

Background About This Type of Business

Depending on your location, snow removal may be a business where you’re busy for most of the winter season, or you may have bursts of work while most of your winter is laid back.

A snow removal business may be a good add-on for other seasonal businesses, like landscaping and lawn mowing. One of the benefits of this is that clients you already have for lawn care would be the same customers, and now you have revenue year-round.

Is There a Demand for Snow Removal?

Naturally, when it snows, the demand for snow removal increases. But is there a lot of snow plowing services in the area? Are people shoveling their own driveways? Or it could be that it rarely snows in the area, and there isn’t enough demand to support a business. These are the type of issues you need to look at before investing in this type of service. See, What Is the Demand for Your Products and Services, for more on this issue.

Will You Operate From Home or a Commercial Location?

You can easily run this business from home. Unless you have multiple crews and a fleet of vehicles where a commercial location would make more sense. For more see, The Pros and Cons of Starting a Business From Home.

What Type of Company Structure Will You Setup?

There are different types of structures you can choose to create your company. As a sole proprietorship, you and the business are considered one. If you create a partnership or corporation, the business is a separate entity, which reduces your liability. For more on this topic, see, How to Register Your Business Using These Resources.

Pros and Cons

All businesses have pros and cons. Below are a few that come to mind for a snow removal service.


  • Snow removal can be a good add-on for other seasonal businesses, such as landscaping.
  • This business can be run part-time.
  • You can run this business from home.


  • Your revenue depends on the amount of snowfall.
  • You could be swamped or have no work at all.
  • It’s a seasonal business.
  • You may not be able to keep up during a heavy snowfall unless you have multiple crews.
  • You may be liable if you have a contract and fail to remove snow effectively and someone has a slip because of the snow and ice.
  • Your equipment is susceptible to quickly rust due to salt and moisture.

You’ll find more pros and cons in the resource sections further down the page.

Startup Cost

Your startup cost will depend on the type of setup you plan.

Suppose you plan to have a fleet of snowplows and multiple crews while operating from a commercial location. That set up will cost you more than putting a plow on a truck you already own. Or using your snowblower and maintaining a few homes in your neighborhood.

To get an estimate of your startup costs, make a detailed plan of how you will set up and run your business. For more see, Estimating Startup Costs: Are You Missing Anything?

Profitability and Revenue

The profit and revenue for a snow removal service will depend on how large your operation is. A few houses will differ from having a few hundred customers.

Your expenses will affect your profits. For example, having a crew will allow you to service more customers, but you’ll increase expenses, reducing profits. For more, see Estimating the Profitability and Revenue for a New Business.

Most importantly, the weather will greatly affect how much revenue you can earn during the winter months. You’ll find examples and information in the resources further down the page.


You’ll want to get sufficient insurance to cover you and others in case of an accident. You’ll want to speak with an experienced broker. Keep in mind some policies may be expensive due to the liability involved. I recall seeing a news article that many snow removal services could not afford and, in some cases, couldn’t find insurance.

Don’t make the mistake of removing snow as a business without the proper insurance. There is a list of companies in the resources that offer insurance for snow removal businesses. Take some time to go over the sites and articles to better understand what you’re in for.


Your equipment will be a large part of your startup costs. You may already own a snowblower and truck and require a plow and other items, or you may need to purchase everything.

You can purchase used or opt for new equipment. If you plan on purchasing used, you may be purchasing problems. You want to make sure you focus on the condition. You don’t want your equipment failing.

If you get a big snowstorm and your equipment breaks down, you won’t be able to make up that time. You will lose out on revenue, and you have let your clients down. Your equipment must be in excellent running order to handle the rigid use during a storm. You’ll find companies in the resources below that offer snow removal equipment.

Getting the Word Out and Getting Customers

Suppose you have another seasonal business, such as landscaping. In that case, many of your customers will be the ones you already service and may be enough to keep you busy.

If not, you can gain customers by distributing flyers in the area you plan to serve and taking out ads in the local newspaper and on the Radio.

You can also place a large sign that acts as a mini-billboard on your truck and drive around town. While running errands and shopping, be sure to park it in the shopping parking lots to gain attention.

You want to make sure your contact information is easy to read. You could write something like, “For a limited time accepting new clients in the Metro area. Call Now To Reserve.”


Your next step is to look deeper into this business model. You’ll find the advice, insights, and what others have experienced in this industry.

Going over these resources will allow you to make informed decisions. There are many resources to go over, and you can’t go over all of them in one session. The good news is you can come back anytime you need to use them.

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