How to Start a Pool Service

a man wearing a white uniform cleaning a large pool.

This article provides you with plenty of information about starting a pool service. Let’s begin by going over the steps to starting a pool service.

Our next step is to examine some considerations to help you determine whether a pool service is right for you and finally, we will review some resources to assist you in starting and operating your business.

Let’s get started.

How To Start A Pool Service

Follow the steps below to start a pool service

1. Research the Industry

Research is one of the most important parts of starting a business. It takes time, but it’s well worth it. Conducting proper research can keep you out of trouble and help you prosper. Think of it as an investment and take advantage of it.

a.) An Inside Look at The Business

The most important and most reliable information you can get can only come from one source. The people that own and operate a pool service.

You can use three methods to get inside information for a pool service. Let’s go over them.

Find Pool Services For Sale:

Search for pool services for sale. Contact the owners and tell them you’re thinking of starting your own pool service, but before you do, you’re open to buying a service that’s already in operation. Make an appointment to meet with the business owner and prepare your questions before meeting them.

During your meeting, get to know the person before starting with hardcore questions. Instead, talk about them and their experience with the business. For example, you can ask questions like the following:

  • a community pool.What made you want to start a pool service?
  • What do you like most about your pool service?
  • How long have you been in this business?
  • What do you find most challenging servicing pools?
  • What would you change about the business?
  • If you had to start all over again, what would you do differently?
  • Why do you want to sell your pool service?

The above questions are focused on the owner and their thoughts. These questions help start a conversation, allowing you to get to know the business owner and open up to you.

  • Next, your questions will be more about the business. Your questions can’t be something like the following:
  • How much revenue did the business earn last year?
  • How much profit did the business make before taxes?
  • How much debt is only owning the business?
  • How many employees do you have?
  • How much were your total expenses?
  • Etc.

The above questions give you more details about the business. So naturally, if the business looks like a good match, you want to do your due diligence to verify all the information.

In addition to the questions mentioned above, you can ask other questions, such as what type of chemicals you use, how long it takes to service the average pool, where are most of your expenses, etc.

Perform the above exercise for the businesses you find for sale. It’s worth the effort.

However, if you find a business that seems a good fit, don’t make a deal unless you go through your list of other business opportunities. Because the more people you talk to, the more information and knowledge you’ll have.

Franchise Opportunities:

Just like you did above with businesses for sale, now you’re going to search for franchise opportunities in the pool industry.

Again, you will have a list of questions. But here, since the company representatives talk to many people about their business opportunities, your questions will probably already be answered in the presentation.

Interview Business Owners:

pool rails.The third method is to contact pool service owners to see if they are willing to speak with you about running a pool service and give you advice.

Naturally, you wouldn’t contact people you compete with; instead, you’re better off speaking with someone on the other side of the country or in a different state or province. Many people will resist because they’re busy, or they’ll see you as a threat.

Still, those willing to speak with you are the ones you may want to consider building a working relationship with where you can both benefit by brainstorming ideas and sharing experiences.

You can also search online for a business owner running a pool service that has been interviewed.

Completing the above three methods will give you a huge advantage when starting your pool service.

You will be equipped with knowledge that you can only get from qualified people. It might take you years to acquire these people’s knowledge, and you can get it by spending some time on the methods above.

You will find links to franchise opportunities, pool services for sale, and business owner interviews in the resource section further down the page.

For more on this method, see An Inside Look Into The Business You’re Considering.

b.) Expand Your Knowledge of the Industry

It’s essential as a business owner to always be in touch with your industry. Your knowledge expands, and you have the opportunity to become an expert. Many resources online can help you stay up-to-date with the latest in your industry.

For example, you can subscribe to newsletters, and industry publications, follow blogs, read articles, follow others in the industry on social media, etc.

It’s in your best interest to schedule time at least once a week to go through the latest publications.

Click Here for the Latest Publications Related to a Pool Service.

c.) Choosing a Business Location

The location you choose for your pool service is a significant factor in the success of your business.

If you are located in an area with very little demand for pool services, it doesn’t make sense to operate there. But, on the other hand, if you are located in an area with many other pool services, you will have a hard time competing.

Many businesses compete on price, which may trigger a price war. When a price war is in effect, the firm takes over the weak. If a price war lasts long, there isn’t enough profit to keep a new business going.

Another consideration about a pool service and your location is the weather. If you’re in an area with harsh winters, you have to consider this a seasonal business instead of an area where the weather is hot for more extended periods.

Another consideration when it comes to your pool services is that when you start, you can start from home and service pools in the area; that will save you a lot of expense, and once the business starts to expand, you may be able to locate in a commercial area.

For more, see Choosing the Best Location for Your Business.

d.) What Type of Pool Service Will You Start?

What type of service are you considering? For example, will you be servicing pools of all types or specializing in indoor pools such as outdoor, in-ground, and above-ground pools? Are you considering pool installation?

Depending on the area and the demand, you may specialize in a certain type of service. This doesn’t mean you can’t take on other jobs, but when you specialize in something, you can charge more because you are an expert in the field.

In addition, if you’re servicing and cleaning pools, that doesn’t mean you can’t install pools, and you can do this without doing any of the work. Instead, you could work with a company that installs pools and make your profit from referrals.

2. Choose a Business Name

someone vacuuming a pool.The name you choose for your pool service is an important step.

The name you choose today is the name you’ll have for as long as you own the business, so you want to take some time to make sure you choose a name you’ll be happy with now and in the future.

You want a name that describes your service and is memorable. Numerous resources online list names related to pool service and name generators that can give you ideas for your business name.

I would use these resources for ideas only because choosing a name from the list may not be available for registration because everyone has access to the same list.

I suggest coming up with a list of names and then putting your list aside for a few days. Then, when you come back to the list, you look at it from a fresh perspective.

Once you have a listing of finalists, check to see if they are available for registration. Say the names out loud to make sure they sound right and they’re easy to pronounce. Also, print the names on paper to see how they look. In addition, you’ll also want a matching domain name for your website.

For Pool Service Name Ideas, See Google’s Latest Search Results.

3. Legalizing Your Business

a.) Decide on a Legal Structure

It’s important to make sure your business is registered correctly and is legal to avoid any problems in the future. It’s an important step, and it takes some planning to figure out which type of business you should register.

Many new business owners start off as a sole proprietorship. This is the easiest and least expensive type of business to set up. However, as a sole proprietorship, your personal assets and business assets are considered one in the eyes of the law. Therefore if there’s a problem with the business, your personal assets could be at risk. Many business owners will start with this type of structure. When the business starts to gain traction, you can convert it into a limited liability company or a similar structure.

An LLC or a corporation, for example, has liability protection for your personal assets because these types of structures are considered separate entities. Therefore even though you own the business, you are separate, protecting your personal assets.

I recommend speaking with a professional, such as a lawyer or an accountant, to determine what type of structure you should use. You can also find companies that specialize in setting up businesses, which you can look into.

For more, See How To Register Your Business Using These Resources.

b.) Get a Tax ID

Depending on the size of your business, the structure you choose, and whether or not you have employees will determine whether you need a tax ID or not. Starting as a one-person operation and sole proprietorship may not require a tax ID at this point.

However, you will require a tax ID if you have one or more employees or are structured as a corporation or something similar. Again, legal advice on the structure of your business will clarify whether or not you need a tax ID at this point.

For more, see Here’s How To Get A Business Tax Id

c.)Local Permits and Regulations

You can visit City Hall or your local municipality to determine what type of permits you’ll need to start your pool service in addition to your regular business license.

However, every location may have variations, and it’s a good idea to find out this information before opening your doors to the public.

Visit the Licensing and Permits Page for More Information.

4. Create Your Corporate ID

Your corporate ID consists of your logo, business cards, letterheads, checks, your website, etc.

Corporate IDs can be expensive, and if you’re just starting out, you can create a logo and business cards. Then, once your business starts to gain traction, you can add other components as needed.

When creating a corporate ID, you will want a professional design to make a good impression on your potential customers, and a mediocre design will leave a bad impression.

For More See:

How To Design A Business Logo – Make it Good It Might Last Years.

How to Design Business Cards That People Will Pay Attention To

Business Signs – Have a Look at These Ideas.

A Complete Introduction to Corporate Identity Packages

5. Estimating Your Start-up Cost

To estimate your start-up costs accurately, you must know the size and type of business you’re considering. For example, will you set up a one-person operation using your vehicle and operating as a home business, or are you considering a larger operation with a team of people servicing pools in the area and operating out of a commercial location?

To estimate start-up costs, make a list of all the issues you’ll need, and as you’re getting prices and estimates, issues you haven’t considered will show up, and you can add them to your estimate.

If you plan on starting this as a part-time or home business, your start-up costs are relatively low compared to starting another type of business.

For more, see Estimating Start-up Costs: Are You Missing Anything?

6. Writing a Plan

A business plan is an essential part of starting a business. Writing one takes time, and a lot of thinking goes into it. It’s good that it makes you think about setting up your business, gaining customers, etc. In addition, it forces you to consider your goals and mission statement.

A bank will require a business plan before processing the loan application if you require funding for your pool service.

You can create your business plan using a template or software to guide you through the process. Another option is to hire a professional to write your business plan for you. But, of course, you still have to provide the information no matter what method you choose.

A business plan is essential for any business owner because it keeps you on track whether you’re starting out or you’ve been in business for a few years. In addition, it’s a document that you review periodically.

For more, see How To Write A Business Plan.

7. Banking Setup

You’ll want to choose a bank in your area because a lot of your customers may pay you in cash, and you don’t want to leave a lot of cash on hand but instead make daily deposits; therefore, a nearby bank is more convenient.

It’s also a good idea to build a relationship with your banker if you need a loan.

A relationship with your banker can streamline the application process for a merchant account.

For more, see our page on How To Choose A Business Bank.

Acquiring a Merchant Account

Consider applying for a merchant account to accept credit and debit card payments.

See How To Open A Merchant Account for more information.

8. Get the Funding for Your Business

If you’re starting a one-person operation, you probably won’t need to get much funding to start your pool service.

On the other hand, if you’re considering a large operation, it’s time to get your business plan in hand and start looking for funding. Many people will start with their personal bank. Because they already have a relationship and an account set up there.

Business loans are more complicated to approve than personal loans because banks view startups as high-risk loans instead of getting discouraged if your loan is declined. Find out the reasons and try to address them before moving on to the next lender.

Also, take a look at our post on, Getting a Small Business Loan.

9. Software Setup

Take some time to look into software available for pool service. For example, you will need a package to help you organize your bookkeeping. In addition, you may need a package that will assist in scheduling service jobs.

Whenever looking at software packages, it’s always a good idea to check the reviews to see what other people have experienced with the software.

Google’s Latest Search Results for Software Packages Related to a Pool Service.

10. Get Your Business Insured

It’s essential to get insurance for your pool service before starting any job. It’s also necessary if you have employees. Accidents can happen on the job, and you want to make sure you have full coverage before setting foot on any customer’s property.

An experienced insurance broker can advise you on the best type of insurance for your pool service.

For more, see our page about business insurance.

11. Office Setup

You need an organized office space to schedule jobs and attend to other administrative tasks.

Whether your office is from your kitchen table, spare room, or in a commercial space, you’ll need it to fully be functional.

The more successful your business becomes, the more time you’ll need to spend in your office. An organized office will save you time and help you avoid errors.

For more see, Here Are Considerations for the Setup of Your Office.

12. Choosing Suppliers

It’s beneficial to have a strong relationship with your suppliers. For example, when supplies are short and you have many service jobs to complete, a good relationship with your supplier can get you the supplies you need even during shortages.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a relationship with your suppliers and there’s a shortage, you may be left out and struggle to find the supplies you need.

For more see, How To Choose a Supplier You Can Depend On

13. Create an External Support Team

Depending on the size of your pool service will determine if you should put together an external support team you’ll need for advice and services. Your support team is not on your payroll but is paid by the hour or on a retainer.

People on your support team may include:

  • A lawyer
  • An accountant
  • A business consultant
  • A marketing expert
  • A graphic designer
  • An IT consultant
  • A web designer
  • Etc.

If you decide to build a team for your pool service, it’s important to build a relationship with these people before you need their services. This can be as simple as staying in touch once in a while with a phone call or email.

For more see, Building a Team of Professional Advisors for Your Business

14. Hiring Employees

Deciding on whether or not to hire employees will depend on the number of customers you have and if you’re able to service them on your own or require additional pool technicians.

On the other hand, if you’re considering a large operation with multiple crews, you’ll naturally be hiring employees.

When hiring employees, it’s essential to make sure you’re hiring the right person for each position. Hiring the wrong people will result in errors and negatively affect your operation.

When hiring, focus on the cost of employees per year rather than the hourly fee. For example, a crew of four people can cost in the six-figure range per year. Therefore you want to build a strong team from the beginning.

For more on hiring, see How and When to Hire a New Employee.

What To Consider Before Starting

In this section, we will go over a few issues you’ll want to consider before starting your pool service. Take some time to think about each section because it can affect your startup strategy.

Is Running a Business Right for You?

Many people dream of owning their own business for various reasons.

a large rectangular pool.Some people want to be their own boss. Others are getting away from a job. Then you have those looking at the lifestyle and financial gain of owning and operating their own business. Finally, you have those passionate about what they’re doing, and they start a business around their passion.

All of the above are valid reasons for starting a business. However, I feel that passion is the most important. Passion is a driving force you’ll need to succeed and running a business.

Starting and operating a business isn’t easy. It takes time, effort, and a lot of strategies. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you’ll have the drive you’ll need to succeed. If you lack passion, then when times are tough, you’ll be thinking of an exit strategy rather than a solution.

For more, see Reasons To Start a Business

Do You Have the Skills?

Do you have the skills necessary to run a pool service?

Whether it’s servicing the pools or managing the business, skills are involved. If you don’t have all the skills, there are options. For example, if you’re not skilled in business, you can always hire a business manager. Likewise, you can hire technicians if you’re skilled in business but not servicing pools.

Another option is to learn as you go. Naturally, you will need some understanding, and then with practice, you can improve.

For more see,  Do You Have These Essential Skills Needed To Run a Business?

Is It Better To Start a Business From Scratch or Buy One?

We touched upon this idea at the beginning of the article. However, purchasing a business that’s already up and running does have its advantages.

When you purchase a business, you purchase the business’s goodwill, which includes the reputation of the business and the customer base. Therefore, purchasing an existing business is more expensive than starting your own.

Also, when you purchase a business, you have to consider that you start earning revenue from the day you take over. You also skip the start-up process, which can be confusing with a lot of trial and error, not to mention the time it takes to build your customer base.

Some of the disadvantages include the added expense cost of the goodwill.

Also, suppose the business operates in a certain way, and you want to change it. In that case, it will be difficult because the customers are familiar with current operations. So now you might change that, upsetting some customers, unless your change is an improvement.

If you’re making a significant change, you might be better off starting from scratch than changing the major direction of an existing business.

When you purchase a business, you need to keep in mind that you’re purchasing the good with the bad. Unfortunately, you also inherit the business’s problems.

Click Here To View a Pool Service Listed for Sale From Google’s Search Results.

Should You Consider a Franchise?

A franchise has advantages and disadvantage is just like everything else.

The main advantage of getting into a franchise is that the business is already set up, including marketing, branding, and operating procedures.

The business model is a proven business strategy that is in place in other locations. So the guessing game of whether the business will work is taken out of the equation.

If other locations are successful, you can count on success at your location. But, on the other hand, if other locations fail, your location will probably fail because there is a problem with the entire franchise.

One of the disadvantages of a franchise is that you have little control over operating the business. You have to follow standard operating procedures set by corporate, and you can’t make changes.

Another disadvantage is that there are ongoing franchise fees as long as you own the business.

To Browse the Marketplace for Pool Service Franchise Opportunities, See the Latest Google Search Results. Also, see, What You Need To Know About Owning a Franchise.


You’ll find a unique collection of resources leading to the latest search results in the section. An advantage of resources leading to search results is you’re always getting the latest information.

A lot of the areas are things you may not have considered. Therefore, you may want to bookmark this page so you can return anytime you need the resources.

Industry Trends and Statistics

Trends and statistics are an excellent way to keep in touch with any industry. If you study trends and statistics before you start a business, you’ll know if the industry is on the rise or declining. You may also be able to pick up some ideas you can incorporate into your business.

Click Here for the Latest Google Search Results Related to Trends in the Pool Service Industry.


You must be familiar with industry terminology before you start your business. You’ll be more knowledgeable when you understand the terminology, which is important when speaking with customers and suppliers.

As time goes on, you will pick up the terminology, but why wait? You have access to the terminology in the pool industry right now.

Search Results Related to Terminology in the Pool Service Industry.


It’s important to purchase the right equipment for your pool service. Purchasing inadequate equipment will bring nothing but headaches; instead, it’s better to do your research and purchase the best equipment you can afford. With the right equipment, you save time and enhance the quality of your work.

Click Here for the Most Recent Google Search Results Related to Pool Service Equipment.


It’s a good idea to research the supplies you use for your pool service. The quality of the chemicals and supplies affects the quality of your work, which in turn affects customer satisfaction.

Purchasing low-quality supplies may be more profitable, and the quality of work may not affect your business right away, but in the long term, it will catch up with you.

You’re better off using quality products that do the job and are still profitable. Customer satisfaction is important happy customers refer others to you, and that’s part of marketing your business.

See the Latest Google Search Results for Pool Service Supplies.


Joining a pool industry association is beneficial. You can network with other pool service owners and many vendors and enthusiasts in the industry. In addition, you benefit from the information provided by the association and attend any events the association hosts.

Sometimes associations offer discounts for products and services promoted by vendors.

You may also want to consider joining your local Chamber of Commerce so you can get to know local business owners and have the chance to promote your own business.

Click Here To View Associations Related to the Pool Service Industry. You May Also Want To Check Out Our Page for Tips and Insights About Joining a Trade Association.

Top Pool Services

When you study some of the top pool services, you will benefit from pricing models, services offered, and a brief look into how they operate.

Sometimes you’ll find something missing in the industry that you can incorporate into your business. However, it’s worth noting that you have to study many of the top businesses to benefit from the above issues mentioned. You won’t gain a lot of ideas by looking at just one business.

Search Google for the Top Pool Services

Marketing Tips

Without customers, you don’t have a business, and without marketing, it will take a lot of time to gain customers.

Marketing is an essential part of any business. However, some business owners are fearful of marketing because they think it’s a complex procedure that costs a lot of money and needs an advertising agency.

Your marketing can be as simple as getting referrals, putting an ad in the paper, and simply getting the word out about your pool service.

The most important part about marketing is that it is trial and error. Even top agencies can’t guarantee certain results; therefore, it’s to your advantage to know all you can about marketing a small business.

Have a Look at the Latest Articles for Marketing a Pool Service.

Pool Service Tips

There is an abundant amount of information available online. Whether it’s running your business or tips for servicing pools, it’s advantageous to always keep an eye on what’s new and what others are doing.

Consider it a free online education. All you have to do is use the information out there. So even if you schedule an hour or two once a month to look into the industry, it will be highly beneficial.

Have a Look at the search results for tips related to Pool Service.

Published Interviews

pool chemicals.In this section, we will focus on looking for articles related to interviews with pool business owners. I mentioned this method earlier. I would suggest reading every article you can find we’re business owners are sharing their experience.

Experience with business or operations takes years to acquire. Here you have people willing to share their years of experience with you. You will definitely want to look into it and take it in all the information you can.

Many interviewees have their contact information in the article. You may even want to try and contact them to get more information or build a relationship to brainstorm ideas with them.

Search Results  Related to Interviews From Pool Service Owners.


Books are a great reference to increase your knowledge in the pool industry or as a small business owner.

Keep in mind that with non-fiction books, you rarely have to read the book from cover to cover; instead, you can dive into the chapters for the information you are looking for.

I always like to go through the table of contents to get an overview of what the book offers.

View the Most Recent Google Search Results for Pool Service Books.


Staying up-to-date with the latest related to the pool service industry is something you should consider.

Whether you’re experienced or not, you may want to get certification that will make your customers more comfortable working with you, or you may want to take a refresher course.
Have a look at what’s available for pool service training.

Google’s Search Results for Pool Service Training.

a man holding pool cleaning tools.


Keeping an eye on the news related to your industry is a good idea.

Especially if there’s a problem in the media, customers may ask you about the issue, and it doesn’t look good if you’re not aware of it.

Naturally, you wouldn’t watch the evening news every day looking for something related to pool services. So instead, use a site like Google News, where you enter a keyword and instantly access the most recent news articles and archived news.

See Google’s News Search Results Related to the Pool Service Industry.


You can learn a lot from quality videos posted on YouTube. Whether it’s tips for running a business or insights into servicing pools, you’ll find it on YouTube. Some of the videos are a waste of time, but many are priceless.

Many people on YouTube want to create quality videos to build an audience, and those are the people that usually have something worth watching. I like that YouTube posts the length of each video which allows me to decide if I’m going to watch the video right away or bookmark it to watch it later if it’s really long.

See the Most Recent Videos Related to a Pool Service